Personal Loans for The Average Joe

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Getting a personal loan usually has two big catches; one you need to have great credit, income etc. or two the bank is a loan shark which lends to people who have little means of repayment and the interest rates are exorbitant  What do you do if you fall in the middle?

For the average American (or UK citizen) who makes a decent income, has good credit but needs a quick loan to buy a used car which just went on the market at a great price? or make an urgent home repair due to flooding? Fortunately there are some lenders who cater to these types of individuals (and situations).

Ideally, people in this category will be looking for a loan for at least several thousand dollars. However, as many learned from the credit crisis, variable loans can be a killer. What about a quick decision for a fixed rate loan that can be repaid over as many years as you would like? Fortunately, one company may be able to help, Clydesdale Bank could be your saviour.

Someone in need of an urgent loan up to approximately $30,000, can get an instant answer and pay over the course of seven years a fixed rate of around four percent. That rate is lower than most mortgages even with record low interest rates.

Sounds too good to be true? Clydesdale Bank is rated: 4.5/5 out of 250 reviews for processing of personal loan applications. Additionally, the bank will NOT accept loans from individuals who do not make a certain amount. They are looking to make a profit from people who can repay their obligations.

Of course individuals must do their due diligence  but that is the case with any loan. Try asking for these terms at your local bank and see what their response is? Would they write you a check for $20,000 on the spot? Not likely.

Finally, there is no collateral with Clydesdale Bank. Over the past few years many people learned the hard way that offering your house as collateral for a loan could leave you homeless. Because the system discussed above is meant for people who have a very good chance of repaying their loans, this is a totally different experience. Check it out.



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