Passport Capital, KKR: Outlook for the hedge-fund industry [VIDEO]

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Once a clubby closed industry limited to the ultra-rich, hedge funds are pushing into new sources of capital, with new strategies. Where does the industry stand in 2013 in terms of performance and perception? Our expert panel will set the stage for a day of discussion around the biggest questions facing the industry from both supporters and critics.

Tim Garry, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Chief Risk Officer, Passport Capital
Averell Mortimer, President & CEO of Arden Asset Management
Girish Reddy, Member, KKR and Head of Prisma Capital Partners
Charles Stucke, Chief Investment Officer, Guggenheim Investment Advisors
Daniel Zwirn, Managing Member, Arena Investors, LLC

Interviewed by:
Pimm Fox, “Taking Stock with Pimm Fox”, Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Radio host (@pimmfox)

Questioner in Chief:
Jason Kelly, Managing Editor, Bloomberg LINK; Author, The New Tycoons: Inside the Trillion Dollar Private Equity Industry that Owns Everything(@jasonkellynews)

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