The Parent’s Guide To Pokemon GO [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What if I told you 4 months ago Pokemon Go would be the most downloaded app ever? You may have laughed. I would have.

Truth is, Pokemon Go has been a blockbuster success. It has been downloaded over [500 million times], is now available in over 100 countries and, at its peak, reached 23 million daily users.

With 7 out of 10 players returning to play the next day, Pokémon Go set user engagement records that even the world’s largest social media sites – Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter – can dream of. I mean, this game has literally caused a human stampede!

While the numbers and stories coming from the game are incredible, there are numerous issues at hand. One of the most concerning is “go-ing while driving” – 85% of players admit to catching Pokemon while driving. Others people have used the game to “lure” unsuspecting victims to secluded locations to mug them.

Despite the dangers, there are also many positives to come out of the game. Players burn on average 138 calories an hour, with 43% losing weight while playing.


Whether you view it as good or bad, the question remains, “what does the future hold for Pokemon Go?” How will this game affect parenting, or business.

The team at [Rawhide Boys Ranch] have put together the infographic below exploring the game’s meteoric growth, it’s most active users, the pros and cons, and offers tips for catching all those fuzzy virtual critters safely.

The Parent’s Guide To Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO


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