Online Casinos: The Reasons Why They Are Taking Over The Land-Based Ones

Online Casinos: The Reasons Why They Are Taking Over The Land-Based Ones
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The recent era is all about computers and digital devices like mobile phones and tablets. This is the reason why most of the activities have now taken a digital turn and instead of participating in things which happen in real-world physical form, they happen to take place in the digital form. Online gambling and hundreds of online casinos are one such example.

Today one can find various website casinos where they can play various casino games and slots using one’s digital device and a working internet connection. Though there are certain things which cannot be found in the online experience like mingling with other casino players or getting a complete ambiance of the casino. However, there are still many things to root for in the online version which makes them highly popular among the casino lovers. Some of the advantages of playing online casino games are mentioned below:

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One of the biggest factors why online casino games and slots are so famous among enthusiasts is that they are convenient. One will not have to move out of the house or face traffic and drive to the nearest casino which sometimes may not be in the same city as well. One can simply connect to the internet and use their device to log in to the casino website and start playing. This way one can save gas money and also will not have to get out of one's comfort zone every time.


There are people who are still worried about playing online casino games because they think it is not safe and one may end up with lost money. However, these doubts are baseless and unfounded if one chooses a good and reliable website for playing slots or poker or any other games. Good websites which are licensed and popular among the masses will not only keep ones personal information secured, they will also safeguard one's money.


Another reason why people love online casinos is that there are several options of games to choose from. At times, real-world casinos can have only a few types of slots or games to play. However, in a good website, one can get many varieties in almost every type of gambling games. One can find traditional games and can also find many new age updated version of the same games which can be very fun to learn and play.


Lastly, the major reason behind the major popularity of these games is that these websites tend to give out bonuses and rewards to the players on a daily basis. These act as an incentive to make sure that more and more players start playing with them on a regular basis, and this also makes sure that the players get better returns by spending less amount of money. There are bonuses for the first time players, for loyal players, for high rollers, etc. However the best thing is that unlike the land-based casinos and poker rooms, these websites do not give bonuses and rewards to only the high rollers, even the ones playing with fewer stakes can get the bonuses from time to time.

Ankur Shah is the founder of the Value Investing India Report, a leading independent, value oriented journal of the Indian financial markets. Ankur has more than eight years of equity research experience covering emerging markets, with a focus on India and South East Asia. He has worked as both a buy-side investment analyst for a global long/short equity hedge fund and a sell-side analyst for an emerging markets investment bank. Ankur is a graduate of Harvard Business School. You can learn more about his latest views on global markets at the Value Investing India Report. -- He can be emailed at [email protected]
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