OnePlus 6 4G LTE Issue Arises After Recent OxygenOS Update

OnePlus 6 4G LTE Issue Arises After Recent OxygenOS Update
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Users are reporting a new OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue that has been a major hassle for those swapping from areas with 3G back into an area with 4G support.

The OnePlus 6

While OnePlus doesn’t have the same sort of market clout that companies like Samsung and Apple have, they make some incredibly popular phones that can compete with the best devices on the market. Upon the release of the OnePlus 6, the company saw incredible sales and had trouble keeping up with demand, and for the most part, people have been more than happy with the performance of their new flagship.

However, as with any phone, the OnePlus 6 is not without its share of issues. One of the more glaring problems is the OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue that still hasn’t been resolved more than a month since the phone hit the market. Those who shelled out for the phone for its dual-SIM capabilities have been frustrated with this annoying bug, and although the initial issue has been fixed, the updates seem to have introduced a brand new problem.

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OnePlus 6 4G LTE Issue

The majority of the complaints about the OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue came from users in Europe, who have reported that the device doesn’t detect their LTE/4G service for the SIM in slot 1. Slot 2 appears to be working fine, but for those who bought the phone hoping for the ability to switch between SIM cards, this is a pretty glaring issue that the company has attempted to fix but has ended up introducing more problems that take the place of the original issue.

In the few weeks since the OnePlus 6 release, we have seen several patches that seemed to have fixed the SIM slot issue, but another OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue cropped up in its place.

Multiple users have reported that when they are in an issue with no 4G, the phone switches to 3G (or whatever the fastest speed that is available may be.) This is working as intended, but the problem comes up when people move back into an area with 4G/LTE service and the OnePlus 6 fails to move back onto the faster network. Currently, the only fix for the OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue is to temporarily put the phone in airplane mode, thereby providing a reset of sorts.

The vast majority of people who are reporting this issue are running on the latest OxygenOS 5.1.8 update, so it has been confirmed that this is a problem with the most recent release. In the wake of these problems, a bug report has been submitted to the company in hopes of an expedient fix.

The situation has been all but confirmed considering that a OnePlus forum “Senior Moderator” has weighed in on the issue. The fact that the OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue has caught the attention of someone with serious clout on the forums suggests that the company is well aware of the issue and is taking steps to roll out a fix as soon as possible.
Hopefully we receive an update that patches out the OnePlus 6 4G LTE issue sooner rather than later, but until then we can sort of fix the problem by temporarily moving to airplane mode as mentioned above.

The OnePlus 6 has certainly had its share of growing pains since its release last month, but the company seems dedicated to addressing the problems and bringing the phone up to the vision they advertised to their customers.

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