OnePlus 5: Everything You Need To Know

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OnePlus, known for its ‘flagship killer’ devices, did not announce any new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress. Recent leaks suggest the Chinese smartphone vendor is gearing up to unveil its next-gen flagship device. However, the upcoming phone might be called OnePlus 5 rather than OnePlus 4 because the number “4” has long been considered unlucky in the Chinese culture. Reports indicate that OnePlus is going to skip the number “4” and jump directly to “5.”

Last month, David Ruddock of Android Police tweeted that OnePlus might have a “dark announcement sometime soon.” The tweet referred to a midnight black color option. It indicates that the OnePlus 5 release is imminent. A new leak coming out of China reveals the phone’s features and specifications. Let’s take a look at what OnePlus has in store for its fans.

OnePlus 5 hardware specs

According to GizmoChina, the next-gen OnePlus flagship will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, which is built using 10nm manufacturing process. It’s the same processor that powers Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Android Headlines reports the OnePlus 5 would take some inspiration from Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which has dual-curved edges. The handset is expected to have a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display. However, some reports claim OnePlus would jump to WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) screens with OnePlus 5 to stay relevant in the fiercely competitive Android smartphone space.

The next-gen OnePlus phone is said to pack a huge 8GB RAM and 64GB of built-in storage, which can be expanded via a microSD card slot. While some reports point to a 3000mAh battery powering the device, Android Headlines claims the OnePlus 5 could pack a huge 4,000mAh battery.

Latest rumors claim the OnePlus 5 would have a glass or ceramic back. The Chinese company has already gained some experience in ceramics with its OnePlus X.

The phone is said to be available in five different color options: white, black, gold, blue, and ceramic. According to GizmoChina, the flagship smartphone might feature a 23-megapixel main camera with retina flash and a 16MP front camera for selfies. The device would run Android 7.0 Nougat with OxygenOS skin right out of the box. Among other things, it is rumored to feature wireless charging, UBS Type-C port, and fast charging capability.

OnePlus 5 price and release date

OnePlus has historically offered its devices at competitive prices. Even though OnePlus 3T had a higher price tag than OnePlus 3, it still was competitively priced compared to other flagship Android smartphones. The OnePlus 5 is expected to cost between $400 and $500 depending on storage options. The 128GB model’s price would be close to $500.

The Chinese company doesn’t have a specific release schedule. The OnePlus One arrived in April 2014, its successor was launched in July 2015, and then OnePlus 3 arrived in June 2016. Since OnePlus phones are considered flagship killers, the OnePlus 5 has to hit the stores around the same time as Galaxy S8, LG G6 and HTC 11. If it is too late to the market, it might miss on a huge chunk of sales. We should expect OnePlus to announce its new device sometime in May or June.

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