‘OK Google’ Extends To Third-Party Android Apps

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Google just announced it will expand the “OK Google” voice search to include third-party apps. The search giant claimed that it’s currently piloting custom voice actions for select partners. It plans to open for more apps soon.

Android Developers recently shared a post on Google+ confirming the report. They confirmed their launch with the first set of partners. They are currently piloting custom voice actions with a small group, but they plan to expand some time in the future. The program supports many apps, including Shazam, TripAdvisor, Zillow, Wink and more. These apps can access the “OK Google” voice search feature.

A look at “OK Google”

There is a full list of OK Google commands for the third-party apps listed on the Support page. OK Google is compatible with Google app version 3.5+ and Android 4.4+ KitKat. The voice and audio settings must be turned on. Many languages are supported, including English, Spanish, Japanese and German.

Google aims to take over much of the internet, and thanks to its wide range of mobile apps, it is closer to that goal. The tech giant initially started out as another search engine, but since then it’s branched out to many other services like email, social media and mobile operating systems.

Google’s major problem with social media

Unfortunately, not all of Google’s ventures have proven successful. The search giant has not had as much success with Google+, and now the company hopes to make some key changes to turn it all around. Although many people use Google+ to access popular services such as Gmail and Google Drive, they are not using the social features on the site.

Google’s Larry Page strived to make a website that would change the way people share their lives online. The primary problems involving Google+ include similarities to Facebook and the fact that it arrived on the market too late. Most people had already established their social presence on Facebook and Twitter; they have no desire to shift their online lives to another website.

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