Obama Campaign Blatantly Misuses Woman’s Death To Smear Romney

Obama Campaign Blatantly Misuses Woman’s Death To Smear Romney
White House (Pete Souza) [Public domain]

In and ad funded by Priorities USA Action, a company founded with the sole purpose of collecting and spending money from wealthy campaign donors for Barack Obama, a lady’s death is grossly misused. The ad all but charges Mitt Romney with the murder of this woman, for failing to provide her with health insurance, after the plant her husband worked for was closed down by Bain Capital. What is the truth regarding the shutdown of the plant, and the death of Joe Soptic’s wife?

Obama Campaign Blatantly Misuses Woman's Death To Smear Romney

The truth is, Romney had nothing to do with the death of Mrs. Soptic. In fact, he was already gone from Bain Capital long before her death. There are some extremely misleading facts, which are horribly misconstrued in this ad.

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Fact 1: GST Steel was part of a corporation, which employed 3,500 people. The plant at which Joe Soptic was employed had 750 workers. While it was, in fact, closed down, it was the only part of GST Industries forced to close its doors.

Fact 2: GST Industries blamed the administration in office at the time for its shutdown of the plant, not Bain Capital. The officials in the steel company said that they couldn’t compete with the cheap imported steel, which America was buying, nor the high taxes and tariffs.

Fact 3: Ranae Soptic had continuing health coverage. Note that even CNN, a very liberal news source has blown holes through the storyline of this ad. They cite that she had continuing health coverage through her employer, and the claim of her husband losing his coverage is not a valid point.

Fact 4: If it were not for Bain stepping in, and investing millions of dollars in GST Steel, then the jobs would have been lost, long before Mrs. Soptic’s death. Bain Capital invested $100 million to modernize the factory’s facilities in hopes of making it more profitable.

Fact 5: This ad is a lie, which stoops to a new low, even for Obama. To lay a charge like this at the feet of a candidate, with no truth to the story, other than the fact that GST Steel closed, and Joe Soptic worked there, is a fallacy. Sadly, many people will believe this ad, because background research is hard to do, and the American people have become complacent as a whole.

Let’s go back in time to another man named Joe, whom president Obama pushed aside. Remember Joe the Plumber? The man who asked why he should give his money to those who refused to work for it? Obama cared nothing about the working class man then, why does he care about this Joe so much? The answer is simple; Obama sees a link, no matter how far fetched and untrue the story may be, that he can use to exploit Mitt Romney. I find it sad that the President of the United States would exploit the heartbreaking story of one of his constituents, just to influence an election.

The goal of this ad, was not to win votes, but simply to discourage voters from voting at all. Obama knows that many conservatives will not vote for him in the election, so he hopes to paint a bad enough picture of Romney, to discourage them from voting period.

Mr. Obama, I repeat my earlier statements. You sir, are a liar, and the truth is not in you. I am still waiting for you to keep one promise made to the citizens of America. The only change you have brought about, is negative change. You can keep it.

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