Nowa Superbe Hybrid Watch Review: Slim, Sleek And Stylish

Nowa Superbe Hybrid Watch Review: Slim, Sleek And Stylish
Image source: Michelle Jones

Smartwatches have become a major niche within the watch industry, but not everyone wants to wear a screen on their wrist. I’ve personally never been a fan of the screen-on-wrist look, but I really enjoy the extra functionality of my hybrid watches. I especially like my newest model, the Nowa Superbe Smart Watch.

Nowa Superbe Smart Watch review

The best thing about it is that it’s much smaller than other hybrid watches, so even women with smaller arms can wear it. It’s so small that it definitely doesn’t look like a smartwatch. The design is sleek and beautiful. In fact, it’s so nice that I wear it with dressier clothes more than with casual ones. The face is easy to glance at and see the time.

nowa superbe hybrid watch
Image source: Michelle Jones

The Nowa Superbe Smart Watch is like an activity tracker that doesn’t scream “activity tracker.” No one will ever know you’re counting your steps. The watch also offers sleep monitoring so you can see how deeply you sleep and easily figure out how many hours of deep sleep you’re getting.

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Screenshot 20190518 093246 Nowa 002
Image source: Michelle Jones

The watch can also be used to find your phone, alert you to a call and reject a call. I especially like these features because they are precisely the features I want, nothing more and nothing less. The watch can also be used as a remote shutter to take a photo on your smartphone, which can come in handy sometimes.

Screenshot 20190518 093213 Nowa 002
Image source: Michelle Jones

If you’re looking for a hybrid watch, I definitely recommend the Nowa Superbe. It’s probably the thinnest and smallest hybrid watch I’ve seen so far. The company clearly takes great pride in its products. Nowa is running a Kickstarter campaign for the Superbe line-up right now.

How to pair it with your phone

It’s very easy to pair the Superbe with your smartphone. In fact, the pairing process is among the simplest I’ve seen. All you need to do is download the Nowa app from the Google Play store (app is coming to Apple’s App Store this summer). Then open the app and select the appropriate watch model from the options. It will then take you through the pairing process, and it will be paired with your smartphone in just a few minutes. I used my Galaxy Note 8 for this review.

If you don’t pick the model you actually have inside the app, it doesn’t appear to be a big deal. I got an early peak at the Superbe line, and these watches haven’t been added to the app yet, but I have been able to use it just as well by picking any of the other options listed in the app.

To set the time on the watch, you must go to “My watch” inside the app and then tell it the time your watch is currently set to. I had a bit of trouble with this at first because for some reason I thought it wanted to know what time it actually was, but the time won’t set correctly if you do this step wrong. It’s easy to do when you know what you’re doing though, and the app is clear about what it actually needs to know to set the time. The watch then keeps the correct time automatically. You may need to change the time zone though, so you’ll want to check that in the app.

Superbe features

One other great thing with the Superbe is that you don’t need to keep it paired with your smartphone all the time. When you want the data sent to your phone, you simply pair it to send the data over. Then you can unpair the watch. I like this feature because it means the watch’s battery should last longer. Nowa says the battery will last eight months if the watch’s Bluetooth is constantly connected or up to two years if it isn’t.

Screenshot 20190518 093155 Nowa 002
Image source: Michelle Jones

I also like the battery gauge inside the app because it means I will know when the battery is about to run out. Other watches don’t have this gauge, so the battery just dies one day without warning.

Disclosure: I received the Nowa Superbe hybrid watch in exchange for this review.

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