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Nokia 8 Concept Video Brings Spec And Design Rumors To Life

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Fans of the Nokia brand have recently been treated to a reinvigoration of the companies mobile phone fortunes. What with new handset releases via HMD Global, and many rumors doing the rounds. It would seem to be a good time to be a Nokia fan. However, when it comes to a flagship handset, no consensus has been reached. Instead, multiple rumors persist. Of which some point to a Nokia P1 and others a Nokia 8 flagship. But, today we can reveal a Nokia 8 concept video, which tries to put this confusion to bed!

Nokia 8 will be FlagShip Handset

Now before you get excited, the video we mentioned isn’t of someone holding the actual phone. No, it’s a compilation of leaked images which tries to confirm the Nokia 8’s existence.

In fact as far as this named handset is concerned, just last month Qualcomm actively tried to crush the rumors. So, we guess some just didn’t believe them!

Here’s the video…

Percieved Specs and Design

If you’ve not watched the video above, the shape of the Nokia 8 is rather underwhelming. Yes, it looks as though it has a near edge-to-edge left-to-right display, therefore, maximizing all possible space. However, it’s not a curved screen, nor does it offer anything similar to the Edge on the Galaxy S7 Edge and S6 Edge. Instead, it’s a typically shaped device, which to be honest we don’t mind. You may be aware; we’re not fans of too much gimmickry!

So, what else does this short video reveal? Well, to start with there’s a USB Type-C connector at where a standard charge port would be. And, if you’re familiar with what has been called the Nokia P1, it looks as though the Nokia 8 could get a 22.3MP Carl Zeiss Sensor too.

As for the size of the screen on the handset in the video, it’s not easy to measure. But, we expect this is the much talked about 5.7-inch Super AMOLED QuadHD panel from recent leaks.

It is at this point that the video fails to reveal any extra details such as internal specifications and features. However, here’s what we know from rumors.

Nokia 8 Specs
Image Source: YouTube/ScreenShot

Rumored Specifications

Depending on whether you call this the Nokia 8 or the P1 some rumors do differ. So as we’re talking about the 8, we’ll diverge a little. Many of those who write about this handset believe that HMD Global will announce two versions of the handset this year. The apparent consensus is that one will come powered by the Snapdragon 835, and another the less powerful 821.

As for RAM, they will have 6GB and 4GB respectively, however, there is no mention where this information comes from. So, please take all of this with a pinch of salt! Finally, there’s those Selfie Cam and Internal Storage rumors. If accurate, it looks as though the Nokia 8 will be a competitive handset. Because the Selfie Cam will have a 12MP sensor and the storage capacities of both handsets will start at 128GB. Furthermore, MicroSD card support is also being mentioned, which would push what a user can store up to great heights.

Announcement Date

As you know, HMD Global now own the rights to the Nokia handset brand. One such handset manufactured by the company was the Nokia 6 which sold out quickly in China. When will we hear something about the Nokia? Apparently, that will have to wait until Mobile World Congress at the end of this month, and the beginning of March.

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