Watch The Nintendo Switch Launch Event Live Online: Date And Time

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Are you a huge Nintendo fan looking to get Christmas out of the way so that you can learn more about the Nintendo Switch console/mobile hybrid? If so, then here’s some good news. Yesterday Nintendo announced that it would be live-streaming its Switch presentation.

Nintendo Switch live presentation

On January 12, the day many gaming fans have been waiting for will arrive, and with it comes more details about the elusive Nintendo Switch gaming device. If this news has you at the edge of your seat, you will also be able to watch the event live on the company’s website so that you won’t miss a single moment of the Tokyo webcast!

You can watch the live webcast at 11 p.m. Eastern, so don’t be late!

The details

Rumors about this new Nintendo console have been circling for as long as we can remember. Even though Nintendo has revealed some information, such as that it will be a handheld/hybrid device, there is still so much to learn about it, including the price, launch titles, specifications, and the actual launch date.

The question now is whether the Japanese game giant will finally spill the beans on January 12. You would expect it to at an official unveiling. However, the full details may not be revealed until the day after.

New York Switch event

On January 13, Nintendo America will host a Nintendo Switch event in New York City. This is where the company could finally reveal all about the device, leaving no stone unturned! We’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the upcoming Mario 3D title and possibly more of the launch titles.

nintendo switch price
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

A quick recap

So by this time next month, we will know significantly more about the Nintendo Switch. We hope that will include its specifications, such as its chipset, storage capacity, and amount of RAM. After all, many Nintendo gaming fans want to know how the device will compare to the current crop of consoles on the market.

We’re assuming that the majority of the speculations surrounding it are correct. Nintendo hopes to place the Switch into a niche of its own, meaning that it will be both a handheld system capable of being taken anywhere and also a device which can be hooked up to a television for big-screen gaming. The fact that Nintendo has nearly already confirmed it, this has many fans drooling. However, due to battery and processor performance drawbacks, this means it will likely be unable to compete with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.

Possible features

As is with any new product being tightly clutched to the chest by its manufacturer, speculations abound. Some of the latest rumors have the Nintendo Switch coming with a gyroscope, compass, motion tracking, GPS, touchscreen, image recognition, and even image projection!

The frustrating thing about the above, however, is that we won’t know whether they are right or wrong until at least January 12.

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