Nintendo Switch: This Free App Will Let You Stream PC Games

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Nintendo Switch is hot among gaming enthusiasts. The hybrid console is still out of stock at most retailers. If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on a Switch console and wanted to stream PC games, there is some good news for you. Nintendo Life reports that developer Andrew Sampson is bringing a new app called Rainway that will allow you to stream PC games to the Switch.

Enjoy games like Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

In fact, Sampson claims the app can stream any PC game via Remote Play to other devices. Sampson is the developer behind Steam Cleaner and Borderless Gaming. He promises a “pain-free setup.” The app will configure your network and secure your connection. It means the only thing you have to worry about is playing your favorite games.

The free Rainway app will let you stream PC games via a web browser at 60 frames per second. It won’t require any extra hardware. Sampson said the app would work as long as the computer is equipped with a GPU that supports DirectX 11. Rainway would work with a wide range of devices including smartphones and tablets. Andrew Sampson confirmed in a Reddit thread that the app was also being developed for Xbox One, besides Nintendo Switch.

The developer did not reveal when the public version of the app will be released, but he stated that he was planning to test it on some beta consoles in May. When asked whether it would require a workaround or Nintendo was onboard with the idea, Sampson said the Rainway app would be available on Nintendo eShop for free. If Nintendo approves it for eShop, Switch users will be able to play games like The Witcher 3 and Overwatch that were previously unavailable on the console.

Too good to be true?

Many gamers are skeptical of the Rainway app launch. Users in a Reddit thread pointed out that there is a huge difference between Sampson’s claim that it would be available on eShop and Nintendo actually approving it. The developer did not specify whether the Japanese company had approved it. Also, it’s unclear whether a software-based streaming app would be able to deliver on its promises.

If Rainway indeed becomes available on Nintendo eShop, it could cause a major shake-up. Though Nintendo is planning to release some interesting titles throughout the year, its library would still not be as big as that of Xbox One or PS4. That’s why the idea of a free app capable of streaming PC games to Nintendo Switch has garnered the attention of gamers.

Nintendo Switch stock availability

It’s been nearly two months since the Switch first became available. Thanks to the massive consumer demand, the console is out of stock at most retailers. Those that have it in stock are selling it at ridiculously high prices. Now NinMobileNews has confirmed that Best Buy and Target will be selling Nintendo Switch on Friday, April 28. The much-awaited Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is set to debut on the same day.

The best thing about its availability at Target and Best Buy is that the consoles will not be included in pricey bundles. However, the retailers won’t be offering any discounts if you buy Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe together. The stock at both retailers will be limited. Target said in its flier that the console would be sold on Friday “while supplies last.” If you desperately want to buy Nintendo Switch, be one of the first ones to arrive on Friday morning.

The console is also available at GameStop, but as a $500 bundle. The bundle includes the Switch with neon or gray Joy-Con controllers, physical copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a 128GB microSD card. GameStop will ship the console by May 5th. The deal is not all that bad if you want everything that’s included in the bundle.

What about Switch availability at Amazon?

Yes, you can buy it from, if you are willing to pay a hefty premium. If you want to buy it at the retail price, a new report claims that Amazon will have the console back in stock in the first week of May. Citing an Amazon customer care representative, Nintendo Everything reports that the replenished inventory would be available to both Prime subscribers as well as other customers. Bookmark this link and check it frequently in the first week of May to grab your Nintendo Switch.

Don’t fall victim to the emulator scam

The scarcity of Switch has given scammers an opportunity to scam desperate gamers looking to experience the Nintendo Switch. The scammers are offering people access to Switch emulators that allow you to run the latest Switch titles on your computer. The Federal Trade Commission warned users last week that there was no legal Switch emulator. If someone or a website is offering it to you, they certainly have nefarious intentions.

If you install a so-called Switch emulator, you might end up installing some malware. The unwanted software would give you “misleading information” about problems with your PC and ask you to pay them to get it fixed. Scammers can also use emulators to collect your personal information and sell it to third parties. The FTC asked people to refrain from giving out their personal data or signing up for things that ask for your credit card details.

Analysts bullish on Nintendo Switch

Citing massive demand for the Switch since its launch last month, JPMorgan analyst Haruka Mori has raised her price target on the stock from 29,000 yen or $242 to 39,000 yen or $326 in her latest report. The research firm has raised its Switch sales estimates from 10 million units to 13 million for the fiscal year 2017. It has also increased the 2018 sales estimate from 13 million to 17 million units.

Last week, Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal told investors that the strong first-party and third-party titles in the pipeline would encourage Xbox One and PlayStation users to switch to the Switch, which is critical for the long-term success of Nintendo. According to SuperData, Nintendo sold 2.4 million units of the Switch in the first full month of launch worldwide. SuperData now expects the console to ship 7.2 million units this year.

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