Nintendo Switch: No 3G Or LTE, Region-Free, Non-Removable Battery

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There’s now less than one month until the world finds out more about the Nintendo Switch. However, unlike most other devices pre-launch, nothing much is known about the Switch, or at least not enough to build a complete picture. That’s why a few new leaks this week have made for interesting reading.

No 3G or LTE support for Nintendo Switch

We realize the very thought of the above title being accurate seems ridiculous. However, an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filing for the handheld/hybrid seen by Reddit users suggests that the Switch, which is known as a mobile device that can also be hooked up to a TV won’t come with any mobile data connectivity whatsoever! This is ridiculous and if accurate would have serious ramifications for Nintendo and the device.

Region-free gaming

The popular gaming forum Neo Gaf has featured talk about the possibility that the Nintendo Switch could offer region-free gaming. Apparently this rumor comes from digging for information details of the console/hybrid’s AC adaptor. The adapter operates at AC 100 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, meaning that it has worldwide compatibility. And it is this that users of the Neo Gaf forum think indicates that it is region-free. However, we should say that the Wii U had a power adapter with the same specifications.

If true, this could mean that, unlike other Nintendo consoles that have come before it, the Nintendo Switch could have games that are region-free, meaning that you could buy a game in the U.S. and take it abroad with you. Games that use the NTSC U/C standard would be able to work on systems which use the PAL format.

However, we and many others don’t believe this will actually happen, especially when you consider that Nintendo has faced this choice previously.

Non-removable battery

Another filing at the FCC has revealed that the Switch will more than likely ship with a non-removable battery. If you’re wondering why this is so important, you only have to go back to the early days of the Wii U. In that device’s early days, its handheld suffered from poor battery life. It was so bad that Nintendo launched a high-capacity battery pack which boosted it to 8 hours.

If the Nintendo Switch does come with a non-removable battery, there’s no way a battery pack could help. It would mean that if it comes with poor battery life, it’s stuck with it! However, it is possible, according to Engadget, that the device the FCC has seen was a prototype. If that is the case, it is likely that Nintendo will do something to address battery concerns before launch.

Final thoughts

So those are the latest rumors surrounding the already much-maligned Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for an opinion on the device, we would rather withhold our judgment until all is known,although all of what is currently understood to be true points to an underperforming and underpowered device which is no match for any of the current-generation devices, but we will be patient.

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