Nintendo Switch Is Neglecting One Big Segment Of Gamers

Nintendo Switch Is Neglecting One Big Segment Of Gamers
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The Nintendo Switch has been a massive hit ever since its release, but it seems that simulation sports game players do not quite like the console. Nintendo’s console lacks traditional games such as boxing, soccer, wrestling, hockey, tennis and so on. Usually, consoles do offer some traditional sports games, but Switch doesn’t offer any, notes one Forbes contributor.

Nintendo Switch is missing sports games

Even though the Nintendo Switch does offer NBA Playgrounds, it does not allow players to play online. However, developer Saber Interactive is taking various steps to improve the game and add the missing feature, notes Forbes. But that’s all the Switch has for players when it comes to sports titles for now.

A few days ago, there was news that the Switch would get a downgraded version of FIFA 18 that would not run on the Frostbite Engine or have journey mode. To the surprise of  fans, it will not be called FIFA 18, but just FIFA on the Nintendo Switch, notes Forbes in a separate report.

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The Nintendo Switch surely has some outstanding features and a unique design, but sports games fans will feel a little disowned. They don’t have much to look forward to from the Switch either, with the exception of NBA 2K18, which is coming in September. Fans can only hope that, unlike FIFA, NBA 2K18 is not a downgraded version or missing key features.

Missing sports games could dent sales of the Nintendo Switch unless  fans hang on to the possibility that the Japanese company will listen to their demands. Fans want such games, as no other console offers the ability to play games on the go. Fans are reportedly even ready to play a watered down version of sports games.

Wii U association could backfire

Another thing that could go against the console is associating it with the Wii U. Since the release of the Switch, Nintendo has added a host of titles that originally debuted on the Wii U. Recently, Pokken Tournament was added to the Switch. However, many want the game maker to reevaluate the effects of releasing such titles on the Switch.

The Wii U console was not much of a success, so releasing the same titles on the Switch could backfire.

“Porting further games from its back catalogue only brings further associations between the systems and that is definitely not a good thing in PR or marketing terms,” says Forbes contributor Ollie Barder.

Nintendo also recently updated the eShop to add two more games for Switch players. The most recent title is Shantae: Half Genie Hero, which was released in December for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Vita and Wii U. Within the game, there is a genie that can shape-shift into various animals to clear the stages. Another new title is Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad, a military action game featuring overhead run-and-gun gameplay for up to two players.

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