Nintendo Switch Console Has A Hidden NES ‘Golf’ Game

Nintendo Switch Console Has A Hidden NES ‘Golf’ Game
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The Nintendo Switch console has a hidden copy of the NES game Golf, according to, a site that collects hacking and file system analysis for the hybrid console. Users found that Golf is present on the console under the disguise of “flog,” and it was first discovered in July, noted

Is Nintendo doing a compatibility test?

According to, Golf is present on all Nintendo Switch consoles and can be found on the original 1.0 version firmware. There are theories going around that Nintendo is gearing up to release an NES emulator for the Switch, and Golf could be a test for compatibility and controls.

However, says, “It’s unknown what exactly triggers launching this title.”

Guy Spier And Mohnish Pabrai On What Makes A Great Investor

Mohnish Pabrai"I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am no investor" - Warren Buffett In the past, the value investor Mohnish Pabrai has spoken about why investors need to have some first-hand business experience. Pabrai started his own IT consulting and systems integration company, TransTech, Inc, in Read More presented screenshots to back their claims showing the Joy-con controls. This could be the first time Nintendo has re-released a game with updated controls. Before Golf, Nintendo simply mapped virtual console games to the “classic” controller. However, Golf differs as it comes on a console that has with motion controllers. One reason could be that compared to other games, it’s easier to update Golf with the new controls, notes Uproxx.

“Nintendo says that its upcoming online service will add online support for classic NES games, but it hasn’t announced motion-control upgrades or other gameplay additions to classics,” says Ars Technica.

For now, there is no word on other titles that will be updated in the same way Golf was. However, players now have a genuine reason to rejoice as they can hope to play many classic games on their Switch consoles.

Although there was no word how one could access the game, most likely it is not an official method. This could mean that the average Nintendo Switch player may not be able to play Golf on their hybrid console. However, many suggest there could be a secret combination of button presses that will unlock the game.

As of now, there have been no comments from Nintendo on the development.

Switch console outsells PS4 And Xbox One

The Nintendo Switch console has seen stellar demand since its launch earlier this year. According to recent reports, in August, the Switch outperformed the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of sales in the United States. This is the fourth time in the last six months that the console has outsold the other two brands. In May and June, the PS4 outsold the Switch console.

However, the NPD Group says that the PS4 is still at the top spot so far this year. This could mainly be because the PS4 had a two-month headstart over Nintendo’s console. The upcoming holiday season will be important for all the gaming systems, and it will be interesting to see if Sony can still maintain its lead over the Switch. However, if Nintendo is not able to solve its supply-side problems, the Switch might lag in sales.

For the fiscal year ending in March 2018, Nintendo expects to sell about 10 million Switch units. Through May, 4.7 million Switch units have been sold, so to reach the 10 million mark, Nintendo has to sell another 5.3 million consoles.

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