After v4.0 Update, Nintendo Switch Is Supporting GameCube Controllers

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The Nintendo Switch 4.0 update brought along with it several known features like the ability to capture video gameplay clips, use of wireless headphones with a USB adaptor and much more. However, the software update added one secret capability to the Switch, i.e., the support for GameCube controllers.

GameCube controllers – limited functionality

All a player needs to do is connect a GameCube controller via the Wii U adapter into the Switch dock. Then head to the settings for pairing the controllers by pressing the L and R buttons. Thereafter, the Switch console will read it, allowing players to use the controller for any Switch game. Users at GameXplain were the first to point out the added support for the GameCube controllers.

Though using the GameCube controllers on the Switch is fun, there is one restriction. The GameCube controller has no Z button on the left-hand side, plus there is no Home button, making it difficult to return to the Switch’s main menu from a game, notes GameSpot. So, if you are playing a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will have to manage without the ability to use your shield.

It must be noted that earlier in 2017, the support for the GameCube controller in the Switch was also discovered, but the functionality was very limited. Following the console’s 3.0 update, there were reports that a third-party adapter could be used to connect a GameCube controller. However, controls at that time were very much limited, making the controller almost unusable with most Switch games, notes TechRadar. But, now the support is pretty much official.

Many now believe that the Switch may get an updated version of Super Smash Bros., or Nintendo might even offer GameCube titles for download someday.

Nintendo Switch update 4.0 – what’s new?

The Nintendo Switch system update 4.0 came out late last week, adding a number of important features such as wireless headphone support, video capture support and a transfer data function. Pressing and holding the Capture button will save the last 30 seconds of gameplay in the gallery. You can also edit the time length, and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Not all games currently support this feature, but Nintendo says more games will support the capture feature moving forward.

The transfer data function is another very useful feature, but a user must remember that it will be permanent migration. “Once the process is complete, the user information, the associated saved data, and the software purchased with the user account that is transferred will no longer be available on the source console,” Nintendo explains.

The News feed also gets a new look with the update, along with a new feature that removes a particular channel’s content from the feed once a player “unfollows” it. Further, a useful feature for players with multiple profiles installed on one system has also been introduced. Called the “Match Version with Local Users,” the feature updates everyone’s games to their latest version. The update also gives users many new icons from Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild.

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