Nintendo NX To Be Unveiled On October 21 [REPORT]

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The official unveiling of the upcoming Nintendo console, internally code-named Nintendo NX, may be just around the corner. Until now, the Japanese company has revealed little about its console, except that it will be released in March 2017. Just a few days ago, Macquarie analysts said in a research note that Nintendo NX could be unveiled this week, most likely on Friday, October 21.

Nintendo NX unveiling ‘imminent’

Now French journalist William Audureau, who works for Le Monde, has also weighed in. Citing an industry source, the journalist claimed that Nintendo NX unveiling was “imminent.” William Audureau had also said over the weekend that Nintendo was discussing an announcement coming soon with one of his contacts. Both of his statements are in line with Macquarie’s predictions.

The unveiling is said to happen during a Nintendo Direct event. The Japanese company will hold its investor briefing on October 26th. It makes sense for Nintendo to unveil its most-anticipated product ahead of the scheduled investor brief. This will give investors an idea of how the console will be received in the market.

Retailers will get the demo units by February

According to, retailers in different markets around the world will get their demo units by February, about a month before the console goes on sale. It will give potential buyers plenty of time to get familiar with the console before purchasing. Nintendo NX is said to be priced between $349 and $399 in the US. That means its pricing will be in the same range as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Leaks and rumors suggest that Nintendo NX will be a hybrid console that you can connect to a TV or use on the go. Several gaming executives have praised the console for its innovative features. The NX is said to have a social Share button that will allow you to stream and upload gameplay to Miiverse, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Nintendo is adopting the social media in a big way.

Nintendo NX will be region-free

Nintendo’s upcoming console will be region-free, allowing you to purchase and play games from any country. Nintendo’s previous consoles came with region-locking, preventing gamers in one region to play games that were exclusively launched in other markets. With NX, if a title is not available in your country, you can import it from where it is available and enjoy.

NX is expected to be powered by Nvidia Tegra 1 processor that is used inside the Shield Android TV. There have been a few rumors claiming that since Tegra X1 is more than a year old, Nintendo will use Tegra X2 in its console. The company has also revealed a few titles that will arrive with the console in March 2017. They include Just Dance 2017 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

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