Nintendo NX To Be Powered By NVIDIA Tegra X1 [REPORT]

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Nintendo hasn’t revealed much about its next-gen gaming console NX. However, a series of leaks and rumors suggest that the NX will be a portable gaming console that you can also connect to your TV. The tablet-style device will have detachable controllers that can attach to either side of the display. According to Hot Hardware, Nintendo NX could be powered by NVIDIA Tegra X1.

It’s coming in March 2017

Though Tegra X1 is a powerful processor, it has been out there for a long time. The same publication adds that there is also a possibility of Tegra Pascal powering the NX. Either way, the NX would sure be able to deliver a quality gaming experience. Nintendo said during its recent quarterly earnings call that the NX will be launched in March 2017 globally. The console is going to miss the crucial Holiday launch many gamers were expecting.

NVIDIA Tegra X1-powered SHIELD Android TV is one of the most powerful media streaming devices out there, especially with its Plex Media Server capabilities. It also lets you stream PC games to the SHIELD device. There are also speculations that Nintendo NX could feature cloud gaming. However, Nintendo has not confirmed anything yet.

Nintendo NX to be a VR console?

The Japanese company said during the earnings call that it was “researching” virtual reality, fueling speculations that the upcoming NX could be Nintendo’s first VR console. According to the DigiTimes, the console could also support a heart-rate monitoring hardware. A Chinese company called Pixart has increased production of its CMOS-based heart-rate monitoring sensor. DigiTimes reports that it will be used in many upcoming VR headsets, possibly in Nintendo NX as well.

Nintendo has tried to blend portable with big-screen play in the past with Wii U, but it didn’t do well in the market. The Verge suggests that Nintendo should consider offering a monthly paid subscription service with NX. The company could sell the console at a reasonably low price and then offer its wide range of games to subscribers.


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