Nintendo Characters Coming To Universal Theme Park Soon

Nintendo Characters Coming To Universal Theme Park Soon
Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Universal Studios plans to add Nintendo characters and games to its theme parks. The companies released an official statement on Thursday promising exciting attractions for an immersive experience. Universal owns a total of four amusement parks in Hollywood, Orlando, Osaka, Japan, and Sentosa, Singapore.

Details of Nintendo’s ventures remain unknown

There is no word on when the attractions will arrive in the theme parks. There is also no word on what attractions to expect. The official release stated that more details will be announced in the future.

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There are so many possibilities of what Universal Studios and Nintendo might do with the amusement parks. They could use mine carts to recreate Mario Kart or Donkey Kong Country. They could also create a Legends of Zelda experience with sword-fighting demos.

Universal Studios revamping its parks

Universal Studios has been revamping its amusement parks for quite some time. The Hollywood location is set to open the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park in 2016. A Simpsons theme park recently opened, and a Fast and the Furious attraction is set to launch this summer.

The partnership is the second announcement of the year from Nintendo that had nothing to do with the video game console industry. Earlier this year, the Japanese game company announced that it would launch mobile games for smartphones. This move was surprising considering the company’s reluctance to change with the times.

Nintendo’s partnership with Universal Studios is just one sign the company is looking for new revenue outlets. With poor sales of its game consoles like the Wii U and 3DS, the once-popular video game console maker has to branch out and try new avenues. Ninentendo’s characters are still immensely popular with fans. Bringing the characters to life in an amusement park is a wonderful idea.

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