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A new video has appeared online showing how the Apple Watch 2 compares to the first generation wearable in terms of the size of the hardware.

The footage was uploaded by Byte and shows that the display is slightly thinner on the new model, while the battery is considerably thicker. The site also previously published photos and a video of the display and battery.

New video shows thinner display

Byte made some precise measurements and confirmed that the new display is just 2.86 mm thick at its biggest and 2.12 mm at its thinnest. This compares to 3.57 mm and 2.99 mm respectively for the first generation Apple Watch.

The height and width of the display are also slightly different, coming in at 39.47 mm tall and 33.43 mm wide. The original Apple Watch measured 38.74 mm tall and 32.65 mm wide. This means that the Apple Watch 2 is slightly taller and longer, albeit by the smallest of margins.

Byte also took a look at the batteries from the first and second generation wearables. The original battery measures 3.95 mm thick, 27.46 long, and 18.42 mm wide, while the Apple Watch 2 battery measured 5.11 mm thick, 27.50 mm long, and 18.71 mm wide.

Apple Watch 2 Battery Size
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Bigger battery to power better performance, last longer

This larger battery is set to improve battery life and help to fuel the faster performance promised by Apple. A previous video showed that the new battery pack is rated at 1.28 watt-hours, which would mean that the Apple Watch 2 has a 334 mAh battery. This is 35.7% bigger than the 246 mAh battery used on the original 42 mm Apple Watch.

That particular video also revealed certain components of the Apple Watch 2, including the Force Touch gasket. However this was not subject to measurements as it is very similar in size.

A circular gasket component was also revealed by Byte, which proposed that it could be used to boost water resistance. It is thought that Apple will make an official announcement on the Apple Watch 2 at a media event tomorrow. The event is also predicted to mark the arrival of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

It is expected that the Apple Watch 2 will retain the same design as the first generation. This is in contrast to the Samsung Gear S3, which looks more like a traditional watch than the shrunken phone styling of the Apple Watch.

However it appears that battery life is a chief concern for smartwatch fans. This is almost certainly the reason why the new battery is bigger, but improvements could be offset by performance boosts or new features.

Competition hotting up in wearables market

Apple has previously revealed that it was very conservative in limiting performance in watchOS, and it looks set to unleash more power in the latest watch operating system. At the same time there are also rumors about new features making an appearance on the Apple Watch 2.

For a while it was thought that cellular connectivity would be introduced, making the Apple Watch 2 capable of operating as a standalone device away from your iPhone. However that rumor has died down slightly of late.

At the same time persistent rumors point to the possibility that GPS will be built into the new smartwatch. This would help with navigation and tracking functions, which are important for exercise such as running.

However GPS can also use a lot of battery. Apple will have to balance the hunger for new features with a desire for longer battery life.

The Apple Watch 2 will go into competition with the Fitbit Charge HR and the Samsung Gear S3, which are two worthy rivals. There is plenty of competition in the wearables space, so it will be interesting to see whether Apple has done enough to make the Apple Watch 2 win out.

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