New Overwatch Event Comes With A Funny Junkrat Bug

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Overwatch players have enjoying the new seasonal event, Archives, since April 16. While the new Overwatch event comes with a plethora of skins, voice-lines, icons and victory poses, there’s a funny Junkrat bug affecting the character’s new event skin, Circus. Players have reported the issue across social media and on forums such as Reddit, so Blizzard should be addressing it in the near future.

The Archives event introduces Overwatch players to more of the game’s lore. It’s a good opportunity to test PvE abilities. In this event, heroes Mercy, Winston, Genji and Tracer are sent to hunt down a mysterious Omnic (robot with artificial intelligence) called Maximillian.

In addition to the interesting new story dialogues and the all-new map Havana, players can enjoy new skins and other free content which can be unlocked through loot boxes obtained by leveling and playing Arcade mode (which also includes a Story mode associated with the event.)

Bugs do often occur with new patches, and the new Overwatch event is no exception. Fortunately, the funny Junkrat bug doesn’t affect gameplay, other than just looking hilarious and confusing at the same time. A video of the bug was published on Reddit, and it has quickly spread across the internet.

New Junk’s skin death bug from r/Overwatch

Junkrat’s Circus skin is supposed to make everyone laugh since he resembles a clown. However, the new bug has by far outperformed his hilarious look. The bug is widespread and happens whenever Junkrat dies. Instead of falling down, he glitches into a sitting position while having a rather sad, unfortunate facial expression. The sitting part wouldn’t be so hilarious if he weren’t sitting on an invisible chair in the air.

The funny Junkrat bug happens only when playing with the new skin and not while wearing his classic skin or skins from the other events. There seems to be no exception; the Junkrat makes that funny pose whenever he dies while wearing the new skin.

Fortunately, the bug seems to only be design-related, as the way he dies doesn’t affect the grenades that drop each time he is eliminated. The player can still score some accidental eliminations while laughing about Junkrat’s buggy pose.

Blizzard will likely address the issue with the next patch, given that the glitch is so widespread. Then again, it might not happen as soon as possible, given that it doesn’t affect gameplay. This patch didn’t come with a lot of bugs. The one related to Genji not being able to use his abilities without reloading has been fixed, according to the patch notes.

The new Overwatch event also brings another map which became available on the Public Test Region on April 18. Players have already scouted the map, discovering multiple hidden health packs, according to another thread on Reddit. Overwatch’s next major event takes place at the end of May when the game will mark its third anniversary.

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