Will The New Nintendo Switch Look Like This? We Hope It Does

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Nintendo is expected to release a new, updated Switch model sometime this year. The new Nintendo Switch is rumored to be lighter and more power efficient than the current model. However, there is no information on how the next-gen Switch will look. Although the answer to this may not be known until the Japanese company itself sheds some light on it, one industrial designer used his creativity to develop possible renderings of the next-gen Switch, which he calls the Nintendo Switch UP.

What’s special about the Nintendo Switch UP?

Industrial designer Olivier Raymond is known for his concepts and mock-ups of various products. Raymond’s Nintendo Switch UP is an “upgraded, upscaled, and updated” version of the current Switch model that focuses on three points: power, portability and attractiveness.

“The Nintendo Switch UP is an entirely new piece of hardware. Its updated form factor brings reworked ergonomics, with rear grip handles that allow for comforter play sessions,” Raymond said in a blog post.

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Two major highlights of Raymond’s concept console are the missing detachable Joy-Con and presence of a “Clever Dock.” To make way for the dock or to ensure that the dock fits nicely and easily, the back of the new Nintendo Switch is contoured.

FireShot Screen Capture 321 Nintendo Switch UP Concept — Olivier Raymond Industrial Design www olivierraymond design nintendoswitchup
Image Source: Olivier Raymond (screenshot)

According to Raymond, this “Clever Dock” technology will allow users to stream games in 1080p. The “Clever Dock” will be complemented by increased processing power. Additionally, the technology will give the Nintendo Switch UP asymmetric gameplay capabilities similar to what we saw with the Wii U. This capability will allow users to enjoy gameplay on two screens simultaneously.

“Games like Super Mario Maker 2 will support this mode: just like with the Nintendo Wii U, you will be able to create levels on TV mode using the device’s Multi-touch capabilities,” the industrial designer said.

As far as specifications, the console features a 1080p screen, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, and 7-nanometer AMD Navi CPUs. The battery life is 6 to 12 hours, but Raymond gives the option to increase it via a magnetic battery placed on the rear.

“The external battery snaps magnetically at the back of the console, seamlessly filling the gap between the handles,” Raymond says.

How will it look?

In terms of design, Raymond’s concept is very sleek and modern. It has a single body with a curved, elegant shape. On the rear, there is a sag to help players with a more ergonomic grip. The D-Pad is added under the lever, while the buttons are placed symmetrically.

In comparison to the original device, the new console is smaller and lighter. However, the screen is 25% bigger, thanks to the tilt reduction. The device weighs just 12 ounces and is light enough to easily hold with one hand.

The color choices are also attractive: Master Blue, Ink Pink, Phazon Black, Iggy Green, Cloud White and the 90s classic Atomic Purple.

FireShot Screen Capture 322 Nintendo Switch UP Concept — Olivier Raymond Industrial Design www olivierraymond design nintendoswitchup
Image Source: Olivier Raymond (screenshot)

Raymond also redesigned the packaging for the Nintendo Switch UP. The box now is all Nintendo’s classic red and includes engravings of some of Nintendo’s popular characters and sites.

Raymond adds that Nintendo is among his favorite companies and that his renderings are a “love letter” to the company. The industrial designer hopes the Japanese company will continue to “upset the status quo” for many more decades.

Let us know in the comments section below if you like the Nintendo Switch UP.

When is the new Nintendo Switch coming?

On average, the life cycle of a console is about five or six years, and Nintendo is no different. The company’s previous consoles have topped out at the five-to-six-year mark before moving onto the next generation. However, for the Switch, the Japanese company is expecting a slightly longer life cycle.

To ensure this, the company will have to update the console at least every two years. This would mean a new version in late 2019 or 2020. It is a general consensus that the Japanese company will release a new model before the Xbox Two or PS5.

The Wall Street Journal predicted that the new Nintendo Switch model will debut sometime in mid-to-late 2019. Also, the newspaper also reported that the company will introduce two models to fit with all budget sizes. Although Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has rejected all such rumors, it is still largely believed that the new Switch console will debut sometime this year.

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