New iPhone 7 Concept Is Exciting: Photos and Video

New iPhone 7 Concept Is Exciting: Photos and Video
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While tech writers, and whatever I am, loved to feed the fires of the rumor mill this time of year guessing what Apple has in store with their new releases, more creative types actually take the time to design the iPhone “of their dreams” during this season ahead of Apple’s unveiling of a new handset.

New iPhone 7 Concept Is Exciting: Photos and Video

iPhone 7 rumors and mockup

Apple is notorious for its secrecy ahead of new product releases. Generally speaking, while we’re able to glean a little bit from supply chain leaks, we’re simply guessing when it comes to the new offerings. Yes, there exist a handful of “experts” that either guess really well or do have sources inside Apple’s Cupertino, CA headquarters for the most part reports by tech journalists, myself included, are nothing more than speculation. Sure I’ve gotten a few right, but even a broken (analog) watch is correct twice a day.

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What happen to the good old days when Apple engineers, accidentally left new models of the iPhone in bars after, presumably, one or two too many to drink.

Anyways, let’s get on to this mock-up created by Geert van Uffelen  over the weekend that shows an uber-sexy iPhone 7 with a mean display and all that we could possibly want ahead of a launch.

Lets have a look at this ideal iPhone 7

Geert’s display that he is calling the “Neverending” display features a 3D Touch Screen, Multi-Touch Gesture support and a Software Home Button is also graced with something that he is calling “Tactus” technology that allows the display to “pop out” whatever that means.

Geert van Uffelen concept and design show the “iPhone 7” arriving with an 8-megapixel front-facing FaceTime Camera that provides video at 1080p while he envisions a rear camera with a Xenon flash, 20.2 megapixel camera that features a bunch of bells and whistles and specs that would have made a professional photographer drool if that was his/her SLR camera only five years ago..

While the iPhone 7 will likely feature a Lightning connector, this designer is calling for a MagSafe charging option, not unlike Mac laptops have had for years (that have kept my laptops from taking a turmble on a number of occasions), he thinks this new connection will charge all make devices going forward and I’ll go on a record as saying I don’t see this happening if and when we see the iPhone 7.

Supply chain rumors and leaks just don’t embrace this design, but I would be more than happy with the set up envisioned by the designer. The iPhone 7 is likely to be quite close to the iPhone 6s, but we would certainly welcome any surprises that provide us with a better phone that was waterproof as well.

It’s largely believed, and nearly “confirmed” that the iPhone 7 will lose the 3.5 mm headphone jack and that is represented in this concept. Most rumors are calling for lightning enabled headphones or optional Bluetooth wireless earbuds or even a discount on a pair of Beatz headphones if the two are purchased together. If Apple does indeed ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack it could mean much better sound if Apple uses the freed up space to add resonance chambers that it has done with the iPad Pro and has featured in patent applications.

Apple will not be giving us this phone but something similar would most certainly be welcome.

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