New Battery Pack Boosts GoPro Inc Life To 8 Hours

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There is nothing worse than running out of battery, whatever situation you’re in, but the average GoPro user is more likely than most to be enjoying some sort of extreme activity where power points are less accessible than usual. Limefuel, a company that got started back in 2013, will improve battery life by bringing its battery expertise to GoPro, writes Joshua Goldman for CNET.

Latest battery series from Limefuel

The company’s first product was called Blast, an ultrahigh-capacity portable battery pack which was promoted on Kickstarter. The following year it raised money for a rugged battery, and this time around it is focusing on GoPro batteries. The Epic battery series had surpassed its $1,000 Kickstarter goal by over $57,000 at the time of writing.

The series includes the Epic L52G3, a 5,200 mAh battery developed for the Hero 3/3+, which fits into the existing battery cavity on the back of the camera. Simply remove the standard battery pack and replace it with the Limefuel version, which can power your GoPro for up to 8 hours continuous use.

The battery weighs 110 grams and is almost the same size as the camera. The upgraded battery-camera combination weighs in at 152 grams, and Limefuel includes two waterproof housing backs capable of handling the extra size and weight. One is waterproof to 40 meters, and the other to 60 meters.

Range of GoPro models catered for

The original design for the Epic L38G4 battery pack for the GoPro Hero4 was for a two-piece battery, adapted for the camera’s bottom-loading battery compartment. However the design was changed after a survey of backers showed that the public was overwhelmingly in favor of a single pack, similar to GoPro’s BacPac design.

Users of the GoPro Hero camera were not left out, and owners of GoPro’s entry-level model can boost their battery life using the Epic L40GH.

The batteries are selling on Kickstarter, with prices starting around $35. Different battery packages are available should you want to pledge more than that, and you can even get extra batteries by pledging $1 plus shipping.

Limefuel’s Epic battery series seems to have a lot of fans online, and I wonder which sector the company will apply its battery expertise to next.

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