Netflix, Inc. Testing Short Clips To Boost Mobile Usage

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Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is testing a new feature, where it will port short clips of shows directly on the home screen for mobile app under heading, “Have 5 minutes”? Usually the online streaming video service is identified with the binge watching, but that does not hold true on every device used by one to sign in into a streaming device.

Netflix plans two to five min clips

Netflix manager Dantley Davis said during an event that a majority of Netflix users watch their shows through televisions. Mobile viewers for Netflix content are gradually increasing, but they do not watch as much as compared to those who sit in front of.

According to the data, just around 87% of Netflix mobile sessions are less than ten minute long, which is very less compared to an average sitcom and even lesser than the original content duration of Netflix. The actual issue is that Netflix does not offer any such content which is less than 10 minutes in length.

The new snippets underway will run from two to five minutes, and will be sourced from diverse places. Netflix will combine various important scenes from shows seen by users, primarily out of comedy special or funny segment from the movie and so on.

A link with Facebook could benefit

According to Gigaom, the feature can be combined with the new feature launched by Netflix just last week. Last month, the company unveiled a social recommendation engine that can tell their Facebook friends about shows that they like. If the company adds a feature under which user can send small clips of their favourite shows to their friends, it would be a fit for Netflix mobile app.

According to Davis, even though the company has not reached the conclusion that it will launch this feature or not, early tests are quite encouraging. The positive results reflect that the company might launch the new feature permanently when it re-launches the mobile app.

On Friday, Netflix shares closed up 0.64% at $475.68 while year-to-date the stock is up over almost 30%. On pre-market trading on Monday, shares of the streaming company were down 0.14% at $475.

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