Netflix, Inc. Releases Its First List Of Recommended TVs

Netflix, Inc. Releases Its First List Of Recommended TVs

Netflix has released a list of TVs that it has recommended to its subscribers, (and to its potential ones) when they shop for their next big screen. Under the program (announced in January), the recommended TVs will sport a Netflix logo, indicating that they offer the highest quality viewing experience.

What’s special about these TVs?

Televisions that have been included in the list are LG 4K UHD TVs w/web OS 2.0, Sony Android Full HDTVs and Roku TVs from Hisense, Insignia, and TCL. The online streaming service announced its television evaluation program this year in January.

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In a blog post, Netflix said that they are impressed with the On functionality supported by Roku TVs and the Sony Android Full HDTVs. It read that these televisions are smart enough to switch on easily, and continue from the point where the viewer left, similar to the smartphones and the tablets functionality. Also, it is very easy to switch on the Netflix mode on these TV as it is just a button click away.

LG announced its partnership with Netflix at the CES in January. At that time, the online streaming company said that it is looking to make the quality of 4K video even better by implementing high-dynamic range (HDR) video technology, the results of which can be seen on some LG TVs later this year.

LG 4K UHD with web OS 2.0 has special features to make streaming services such as Netflix launch much faster, along with a better user interface to switch smoothly between live TV and Internet TV services.

The growing clout of Netflix

As of now, over half of the TV sets recommended by Netflix are not available, but they will be in the coming weeks and months. Netflix also said that more models and manufacturers are expected to get the Netflix recommended TV designation in the coming months. Other firms that are expected to make their way in the recommended list are Sharp Electronics and Vizio, as Netflix mentioned both the companies during its January announcement.

The TV recommendation program highlights the growing clout of Netflix in influencing the decision making of the customers thinking of buying a new television. Television companies are also aware of the power of Netflix, which is why they have agreed to put a small logo of Netflix on their television.

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