Netflix Cashes In On ‘Netflix and Chill,’ Invents Magical ‘Switch’

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Netflix unveiled its latest invention this weekend. It is a single button that on pressing, performs several task for viewers such as dimming the lights, activating the “do not disturb” mode on the user’s phone, ordering food, and queuing up Netflix for binge watching.

Netflix cashes in on Netflix and chill

Netflix’s button has been dubbed “The Switch,” and it makes it easier than ever for users to “Netflix and chill,” which is Internet slang now used for hooking up in front of the TV. Thanks to the Internet, it has taken a whole new shape, and Netflix, like always, is taking every chance to cash in.

Netflix’s Switch is powered by a Particle Core Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi-enabled development kit. It also has a LED lights, a battery, and an infrared transmitter. The customer will need to have a smart lighting system and other equipment for the full effect. All the requirements and the source code are listed on Netflix’s website. The switch is a maker’s gadget, meaning it won’t be available on sale either online or at stores but has to built by the user.

Simple concept, great execution

On its website, Netflix has posted step-by-step instructions allowing users to create and customize their very own switches that are linked to apps and connected devices. The streaming firm has provided a system diagram to help you visualize all the needed components. A zip file (.zip) and a list of materials with all the details have also been made available. This way Netflix has given a nod to the techie do-it-yourself culture.

The idea behind the Switch is simple. It’s just a button that connects to the Internet. One needs basic programming skills and a working knowledge of application programming interfaces (APIs) and web servers to connect the switch to apps such as food delivery services and to mobile phones or other programmable devices.

Netflix’s Switch might be out of reach of some, but they need not be disappointed as the company is already taking proposals for its next innovation. Interested people can head over to the “Make It” site and share their suggestions in the relevant box.

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