NASCAR Driver Brandon Brown Disappointed Fans Were Actually Not Cheering For Him

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On October 2nd, Brandon Brown had the best day of his life. He won the big car race. Everybody was chanting his name. The crowed was going wild. Or so it seemed…

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.

NASCAR Driver Brandon Brown Gets Confused

It remained unclean to Mr. Brown that the crowed was actually chanting some pretty nasty stuff about the current president of the United States.

Since the big car race, this driver has been so excited that many people have been supporting him since that special day in October. Members of congress even have been wearing face masks with the phrase “Lets go Brandon”.

To Mr. Brown, it was no surprise that republican senators have been supporting the driver for almost a month. Everybody knows republicans love race cars. Even outside of congress people are supporting this amazing talented race car driver. There is even a self-proclaimed Christian conservative rapper (the first of its kind) who wrote a song about the formidable driver. This particular song got our super star driver so excited. He has no idea that hip hop and race cars could come together peacefully.

Brandon has been feeling at the top of his game until the National Public Radio released a breaking story about how this “meme” has gained attention. That is when it all went downhill for Mr. Brown. The genius of this news organization has once again enlightened the world but showed our wonderous race car driver the truth. Since the story he has realized that nobody actually cares about race cars unless they have type 2 diabetes and live in Alabama.

The Realization

In an exclusive interview with the driver, he stated “I had no idea I was a meme, I thought everybody was supporting me. To think that people don’t actually care about me is a dang shame. To heck with that news organization and showing the world that I am used for a phrase that disrespects our president is just a dang shame”.

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We asked the national news organization for comment, but they only had to say “Race car drivers are really stupid, I mean how stupid is this dude to think that people actually care about some dumb race. I mean everybody who supports that organization or is involved in the races are dumb inbred hillbillies.”

Now all over the country people are taking up the message of “Lets go Brandon” and using it to express how they feel about the current president. Brandon and his family asked the people to stop as it makes the entire race car fan base look like inbred dumb hicks.

This post first appeared on The Stonk Market

Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.

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