Moto X To Feature Nano-SIM Card Like iPhone 5 [REPORT]

Moto X To Feature Nano-SIM Card Like iPhone 5 [REPORT]
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Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc (NYSE:MMI)’s upcoming Moto X smartphone is rumored to feature the same Nano-SIM technology found in the iPhone 5. This report comes from GSM Insider as they show what appears to be a photo of a Nano-SIM.

Moto X To Feature Nano-SIM Card Like iPhone 5 [REPORT]

Moto X and iPhone similarities

GSM Insider added, “The image above revealed that the Nano-SIM tray of the Moto X while the device itself was placed exactly beside the Moto X device. From the size of the SIM card, it is indeed the Moto X uses Nano-SIM card. Moto X and iPhone 5 are going to use the same Nano-SIM card. This means those using Micro-SIM devices need to change a whole new SIM card.”

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There was a battle between tech companies to be the first to have nano-SIM card—a long battle that Apple eventually won in 2012. The tech giant applied the technology to the iPhone 5 hoping to give it that much needed edge, but it looks like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) won’t be the only company to offer a smartphone with this technology. Since it was adopted by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and is the standard spec in the mobile industry, other smartphone makers must comply if they want to use the same technology on their products.

To users of the current micro-SIM card, this Moto X change might not be such a good thing. As CNET explains, “Since the Moto X won’t support current SIM cards, users won’t be able to pick up the handset and quickly pop their cards into the device. Instead, a new, nano-SIM will be needed.”

The Moto X will be unveiled on August 1st during a press event in New York City.  Although the exact specs for the phone aren’t known yet, it’s expected to feature special sensors that enables the user to interact with the device in different ways. Whether the Moto X phone will feature the Nano-SIM card has yet to be seen.

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