Moto X Criticism Rebuffed by Top Motorola Engineer

Moto X Criticism Rebuffed by Top Motorola Engineer
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One of the top engineers of Motorola Mobility defended the specifications of Moto X, the latest flagship smartphone of the company, which was launched last week. There had been criticisms that the new device is integrated with last year’s technology, and its price at $199 with a two-year service contract is not reasonable.

Moto X Criticism Rebuffed by Top Motorola Engineer

Iqbal Arshad, one of the top engineers of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc (NYSE:MMI) rejected the criticisms against Moto X, and emphasized it was designed for smart computing. He said, “With the Moto X, we are redefining how mobile devices operate. Our belief is that the future of mobile devices is about smart computing.  It’s not just about doing calculations anymore, but developing devices that make intelligent decisions. And that requires fundamental changes in the architecture of the devices.”

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Motorola developing Moto X for intelligent mobility

According to Arshad, the Moto X is integrated with an X8 chipset design, which  is composed of the fastest dual core processor from Qualcomm, Inc (NASDAQ:QCOM), a graphics processor, and dedicated natural language and contextual computing processors to handle other functions. He pointed out that the combination of processor makes the performance of the device faster with a long battery life.

He emphasized that they are not developing technology for technology’s sake, but they are trying to make “mobile computing more intelligent” to improve user interaction with their devices in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Arshard said Moto X is utilizing the latest dual-core processor from Qualcomm, Inc (NASDAQ:QCOM). He stressed that people do not understand how the processor and display technologies work.  He explained that more CPUs do not mean it would make the device perform better or faster. According to him, mobile devices generally do not use more than two CPUs at a given time because the algorithms controlling the devices turn off CPUs to save power.

He said, “More than 90% percent of the time, the additional ‘cores’ on the CPUs are turned off, so even if you have a quad-core or an octa-core device, not all of that computing power is used at once.”

Motorola says Moto X is “world’s first” and will change the way we call

Furthermore, Arshad pointed out the new processing architecture of Moto X is different from all the other available smartphones in the market because it has the ability to perform functions such as touchless control without sacrificing battery life. He said none of the other processors in other devices are able perform noise cancellation and offer the same level intelligence and still be low power. “What we have done with the Moto X has not been done before. It’s the world’s first. We think it will change the way people make phone calls and use their phones,”  said Arshad.

When asked about the operating system of the Moto X. He explained that Motorola Mobility’s business operation is independent even if Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) owns the company. According to him, the Motorola team is separate from the Android team, which works with partners in the Nexus. Moto X is powered by Android 4.2.2 instead of the 4.3 version because the search engine giant wants to make sure all of its Android partners are treated equally in the ecosystem.

If there are critics, there are also people who believe that Moto X is a very competitive device. Analysts at Jefferies believe that the Moto X is not a threat to Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).

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