8 Most Expensive Hublot Watches Of All Time

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A watch is more than just an accessory to tell time or just another fashion gear. A good watch speaks volumes on elegance, class, beauty, its origin, heritage and the years of technology which went into making a timeless timepiece. When it comes to luxury watches, Hublot is undoubtedly a pioneer of the craft. Binding technology, tradition, style, grace and elegance into a piece of art, their watches are an owner’s pride and treasure. While they have different ranges to fit every budget, here are some of the most expensive Hublot watches that have every been produced.


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1. The Hublot – $5 million

Known simply as the Hublot, this sensational watch is priced at a whopping $5 million. It was a limited-edition masterpiece which was covered with 1,200 diamonds, adding up to a total 140 carats, including 6 pieces of minimum 3 carats. It took 17 watchmakers 14 months to create this watch and it was immediately bought by Beyonce for her husband, Jay-Z.

2. Black Caviar Bang – $1 million

Heralded the best watch in Grand Prix de Geneve, 2009, the Black Caviar Bang body is made of 18 carats white gold, while the dial, clasp, and case are crusted with black baguette diamonds, a total of 544 stones, weighing 34.5 carats. Its most unique feature is that the face does not have any numbers on it.

3. Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000

The Masterpiece MP-02 is extremely unique watch, priced at $305,000 crafted in a futuristic style and is made of titanium and black rubber. The face consists of a mesh of several dials, which come with three settings on it, namely one for telling the time, and the two others for speeding the time, and it down.

4. Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition – $290,000

There are only eighteen pieces of this $290,000 watch in this world. The classic and innovative watch has a bezel set with chronograph which is controlled using a push button on the crown, Its case is engraved with 212 diamonds and 48 baguette diamonds.

5. Big Bang King – $250,000

This iconic $250,000 all-black watches have a sapphire crystal on the dial and Hublot’s signature rubber strap. It boasts of water resistance of up to 100 meters and power reserve of 120 hours.

6. Classic Pink Gold & Diamonds – $180,000

Priced at $180,000, the stylish Classic Pink Gold & Diamonds is made of pink gold, encrusted with diamonds, and has a contrasting black rubber strap.

7. Tourbillon Solo Bang – $170,000

Available in colours options stainless steel to rose gold with all- black ceramic, the Tourbillon Solo features a unique manually-operated tourbillion mechanism and ceramic bezels. Priced at $170,000 it is also water resistant up to a hundred meters.

8. Classic Fusion Zirconium – $160,000

The Classic Fusion Zirconium wristwatch costing $160,000 was made of zirconium, which is commonly used in nuclear reactors. It has chronograph function, self-winding and is resistant to corrosion and water of up to fifty meters with a power reserve of forty-two hours. Its uniqueness lies in its lateral inserts and bezel lugs.

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