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Mona K. Sutphen on Geo-Political Risks [LIVE]

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Mona K. Sutphen on Geo-Political Risks [LIVE]

Mona K. Sutphen served as the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2011; she is currently a Managing Director at UBS AG (NYSE:UBS). Mona is still working for the Obama administration. Mona is the second to last speaker at the 2013 Harbor Investment Conference; Bill Ackman will be the final speaker.

We will be live blogging both presentations. All times are PM EST.

4:28: Mona Sutphen plans to talk about geo-political risks and focuses on five issues.

4:29: Mona who served on national security committee expresses concerns about the disputes in China getting bigger. There is a big risk for any mistake which could leave to conflict.

4:33: Mona believes that people think of cyber security as hackers from Anonymous  the issue is much bigger. There could be attacks on key US industries by state actors. In the end this will lead to more regulation in almost every sector.

4:35: The attacks could get out of control and this is the beginning of a very long role. When will this comes together is the key question.

4:39: We will likely end up with a rocky spring in the Middle East in countries such as Jordan and Syria has a lot of fill over effects. The end game in Syria could be more violent and messy then the current scenario.

4:41: Tension between Iran and Israel could last for years and drag on and cause further uncertainty.

4:43: China is evolving and there is a question about who decides policies in China, and there is a feeling that China now consider this a core national security interest. Meaning they could force a clear confrontation to show their determination.

4:47: The one good thing about North Korea is that China is now showing some distance between the two countries.

4:50: The US and China share many interests economically, but if that breaks down there could be a serious conflict in the region.

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