The Millionaire’s Map: Which Countries Boast The Most Millionaires [infographic]

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In today’s world, it is fair to suggest that just about every industry now operates on a truly global scale.

Because of this, wealth is now being distributed among nations that perhaps historically didn’t have quite as strong of a foothold in international economics.

New Industry

Part of the reason for this comes down to the fact that there are new emerging industries in perhaps not the tradition centres of commerce.

For example, while we would call London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong traditional financial hubs, they aren’t necessarily for certain industries.

Take a look at this list from CityLab which shows the surprising chart toppers of America’s start-up revolution including Boulder Colorado and Salt Lake City.

Rise and Fall of Fortune

The rise and fall of certain locations and industries are something which can be mapped throughout history. This current trend is just another example of that.

Take the city of Detroit as the perfect example in recent history. At its height, it was the fourth biggest city in the US with a population of nearly 2 million people at the start of the 1960s. This was because of the astronomical success of General Motors.

With emerging foreign cars finding success in the US market,  things began to collapse. The population now stands at less than 720,000 and in 2009 General Motors and Chrysler declared bankruptcy. Learn more about this fascinating story in this from The Week.

So, with this truly global economy, it’s worth asking where the majority of the world’s wealthiest individuals actually call home.

The Millionaire’s Map: Which Countries Boast The Most Millionaires

Thankfully, has created a handy infographic pulling together all the relevant statistics to show exactly which countries boast the most.

The infographic is called ‘The Millionaire’s Map: Which Countries Boast The Most Millionaires’ and throws up both some expected results as well as some more surprising ones.

See which countries make it into the top ten and which individual cities boast the most millionaires below.

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