Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Fully Unmasked – All 7 Versions

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We still don’t know exactly when Windows 10 will go on sale, but Microsoft has finally revealed all the different versions of the operating system. The software giant is taking the Windows 10 name across all of its platforms, including the Windows Phone mobile platform, which will be called Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10 Home targets home users

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft will be releasing several different versions of its next operating system. The company is targeting the average consumer PC user with Windows 10 Home edition, which management is referring to as the “consumer-focused desktop” version. Most laptops and PCs will have Windows 10 Home preloaded on them when the operating system becomes available for purchase sometime this summer.

Windows 10 Home will include the main features of the operating system, including Microsoft’s new browser called Edge. It will also include facial recognition through Windows Hello and all the most popular universal built-in apps.

Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile will feature Office that’s optimized for touchscreens and support Continuum for Phone, which enables users to switch between Windows devices. Windows 10 Mobile will be loaded onto new phones and tablets with displays that are smaller than eight inches in size. The mobile version of the operating system isn’t getting a complete overhaul, however, as it will keep the same Metro-style user interface with the live tiles that are popular with users.

In addition to the Home and general Mobile edition, Microsoft is also releasing two versions of Windows 10 that are geared toward businesses and enterprise users. Windows 10 Pro will target business’ and enterprises’ PCs, enabling them to connect their domains and enjoy Windows Update for Business. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise will, as the name suggests, target mobile business users. The mobile operating system enables large enterprises to license it on smaller tablets and smartphones.

Other versions of Windows 10

Microsoft is getting down to the nitty gritty with Windows 10, pulling out all the stops and truly aiming to please everyone in an attempt to make up for the Windows 8 snafu. In addition to the four main versions of Windows 10 already described, the software company is releasing Windows 10 IoT, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Of course each of the different versions has different nuances that make each version better for certain types of users. While Microsoft seems to be going above and beyond with Windows 10, on the negative side, all of these different versions of Windows 10 are sure to confuse most people. This can be compared to the release of Windows RT, which was a sort of Windows Phone “lite” edition for less expensive Windows tablets. No one really understood the difference between Windows RT and the Windows version loaded on the more expensive Windows tablets, and probably the same sort of issue will crop up with Windows 10 since seven versions is certainly a staggering number.

As of this writing, shares of Microsoft were up 1.32% to $47.97 per share.



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