Microsoft To Introduce New Windows 10 Start Menu

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The Windows 10 Start menu may be getting a new look as part of the Anniversary Update of the latest version of the Microsoft operating system.

The software giant has released a sneak peek of the new Start menu which shows the All Apps list. This week marks six months since Microsoft made the public release of Windows 10, and by all accounts it has proved popular.

Windows Insider testers provide feedback

As of January 1 the operating system had 200 million active users. Many users were up in arms when Microsoft removed the Start menu in Windows 8, and promptly brought it back for Windows 10.

In consequence the company learned that a lot of users are incredibly sensitive to major changes to the user experience. Before making its first major update to Windows 10 Microsoft has got Windows Insider testers involved in order to get their feedback.

According to the proposed changes Microsoft wants to make it easier to access apps from the menu and Start screen. This would mean less clicks and scrolling for users of Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Windows 10 Anniversary may be released in June or July

The proposed PC menu for the Windows 10 Anniversary would see a new hamburger menu introduced in the top left of the screen, next to the Most Used apps list. There will also be an All Apps list underneath the Most Used apps, which means there will be no need to click on an All Apps icon.

Other small changes will see the Power and Settings icons into a side bar underneath File Explorer. A GIF showing the proposed changes was released by Microsoft software engineer Jen Gentleman in order “to ease some concerns.”

The Windows 8.1 Start screen will make a return for Windows 10 tablets, with the All Apps list covering the whole screen. The list will be blended with the Most Used apps list.

You can take a look at the proposed changes on an Office Sway page. The Anniversary Update will be the first major update to Windows 10, and looks set to be released in June or July.

Another part of the update will make it easier for third-party developers to use the biometric authentication features known as Windows Hello. They will also be able to use Windows Ink and Cortana more easily.

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