Microsoft Corporation Surface Sales On The Rise Now

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The Microsoft Surface is witnessing a rise in its sales that is mostly contributed by the company’s Surface Pro 3. The series initially failed to have any major impact on the market, but in the last quarter, sales recorded considerable growth compared to last year.

Changing trend for Microsoft Surface

Microsoft earned $713 million by selling Surface tablets in the last quarter, which suggests a 41% Y-o-Y growth in the product’s sales. Moreover, from a comparison point-of-view, Apple gained $9 billion through the sale of its iPads in the last quarter. Though when compared to Apple sales, the Surface sales number looks minute, a positive for Microsoft is that the trend in changing in its favor. Microsoft claims much of the sales growth came from the Surface Pro 3.

During the earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggested that 64% users of Surface Pro 3 also use One Note, the feature that is directly connected with the device’s stylus. In addition, Nadella claimed that the Surface Pro 3’s One Note penetration is nine times better than any other touch-oriented notebook.

Before the introduction of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft battled dismal Surface sales and, in one instance, had to write off $900 million units of Surface units as unsold.

Plans to push Surface in educational institutions

It is worth noting that these encouraging figures do not take into account the sale of the new Surface 3 which is expected to launch next month. The Microsoft Surface 3 is a low-cost alternative to the Surface Pro 3. However, to further push sales of the Surface series, the tech firm plans to come up with an even cheaper model mainly for schools.

Microsoft will offer two options to schools. The first offers a 10% discount on the Surface 3, provided the buyer also purchases a Type Cover and stylus. In the second option, the company will offer a new “unique Surface 3 configuration” with 32GB storage and 2GB memory exclusively for educational institutions.

“To make Surface even more affordable for schools as a 1:1 device, we are extending a 10% discount to educational institutions purchasing Surface 3, Type Cover and Surface Pen,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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