Microsoft Studios Acquires Max & The Magic Marker Developer Press Play

Microsoft Studios Acquires Max & The Magic Marker Developer Press Play

Microsoft Studios Acquires Max & The Magic Marker Developer Press Play

Right before Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference, the Vice-President of Microsoft Studios announced that the company has acquired a small Copenhagen, Denmark-based games studio Press Play. However, he didn’t disclosed the money Microsoft paid for the deal.

Investors of Press Play had already exited the company last year, and the game developer had been bootstrapping ever since. Press Play currently has 20 full-time employees. The company plans to launch two more games soon. In its official statement, Press Play said:

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Having worked with Microsoft Studios for the past two years has given Press Play and Microsoft Studios time to get to know each other very well and to realise that we share the same vision of where Press Play is headed as a studio, and what kind of games we will be making in the future.

In a weird and non-indie way, we believe that we will have more creative freedom with Microsoft Studios than we have ever had before. For the first time ever we can focus ALL energy on our games, and great things are on the horizon. Right now we work on two other unannounced games… One is an ambitious platform title for PlayStation 3 and the other is an awesome tank game for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

We will continue to strive for creativity and awesomeness in what we do, and we will continue making games like Tentacles and Max & the Magic Marker. We want to keep surprising the industry with our work – and we are super excited to present our new games in the very near future.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has earlier acquired the indie game developer Twisted Pixel Games which is known for the titles like titles like Splosion Man and The Gunstringer.

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