Microsoft, Sony May Steal Ideas From Our New Console: Nintendo

Microsoft, Sony May Steal Ideas From Our New Console: Nintendo
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Microsoft and Sony are emerging as the biggest threat to the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo. The iconic gaming firm is even afraid to talk about its upcoming NX hardware, fearing rivals could copy its ideas.

Why Nintendo is not talking of NX?

The video games business isn’t easy and fun now a days with firms struggling to come up with something new. There has been news that Nintendo has something in the works, whose development has been kept largely under the hood. Code named NX, the console is expected to be the company’s next-gen gaming platform, but not many details are known about this gadget, which the company is expected to unwrap in 2016.

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Though we may not have many details on Nintendo’s NX, we do know why its development has been such secretive. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata just disclosed the reason at a recent conference call, saying: “We can’t talk about NX, If we do, competitors may take our ideas and customers won’t be surprised.” Iwata did say that although NX is completely a new hardware set from scratch, it will continue to support 3DS and Wii.

Can Microsoft, Sony copy NX’s concept?

Should Iwata really be worried that competitors like Microsoft and Sony will steal ideas from the NX for their next gen consoles in deverlopment?

A report from Forbes suggests that Iwata’s concerns may be well placed as both Microsoft and Sony had proven their ability to imitate before, also when Wii and motion controls were just starting. Sony came up with PlayStation Move while Microsoft invested millions into Kinect. Though neither idea has really gome mainstream, Nintendo may be right in its concern that both Microsoft and Sony, richer in resources, may copy their ideas rather than come up with something of their own.

Whether or not Microsoft plans to copy the NX, we don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like it needs to considering all the attention its augmented reality HoloLens has been getting. NASA has already partnered with Microsoft to send two virtual reality headsets up to the International Space Station (ISS). The project named “Sidekick” has been announced to give ISS astronauts HoloLens devices to explore new possibilities in space. Unfortunately, Microsoft will have to wait a while to see its gadget in the ISS as the shuttle carrying the HoloLens to ISS exploded minutes after launch on Sunday.

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