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Microsoft Lists Project Scorpio On Its Official Store

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Microsoft has just listed a new product on its official store, and it’s the much-awaited Project Scorpio. It’s an interesting way to build up excitement about an upcoming console. Unfortunately, the software giant doesn’t yet allow interested customers to pre-order the world’s most powerful console. All you can do on the page is sign up for an email update when the product becomes available.

Microsoft may hold a special event for Project Scorpio

The listing does not reveal anything new about the console. Project Scorpio would go on sale ahead of the holiday shopping season this year. It will have backward compatibility with all the Xbox One games and accessories. Scorpio would have a graphical processing power of six teraflops. Microsoft claims that it would support virtual reality and true 4K gaming experience.

Previously, there were speculations that Project Scorpio would be announced at the E3 event on June 11. However, Xbox chief Phil Spencer indicated in a recent episode of the Unlocked podcast that Microsoft could hold a special event ahead of E3 to announce the new console, and then talk more about it at E3. Microsoft’s E3 event has traditionally been about software, and Spencer doesn’t want the hardware to take most of the time there.

The Xbox chief said it would be difficult to showcase both the software and hardware at the E3 event. He added that the plan wasn’t yet final. We would get to hear more about the special Scorpio event after the plans have been put in place. However, Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox chief of games marketing, said recently that the release of Scorpio might end the era of console generations. The future belongs to the library and community rather than console generations.

How much is it going to cost?

One of the biggest questions about the Scorpio is its price. Phil Spencer said that it would be a premium console, meaning it would cost more than the Xbox One S. The next-gen console is intended for gamers who buy the most titles and spend the most hours. Spencer believes that the current Xbox One S would easily outsell Scorpio due to its lower price point.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that it would bring mixed reality experiences to the Project Scorpio, Xbox One, as well as Windows 10 by next year. Mixed reality is when you scan a real-life object and place it into virtual reality (VR). For instance, your enemy in a game would appear as if it is coming from outside of the TV frame.

Project Scorpio is set to compete against Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, which has been selling well.

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