Microsoft Edge Browser For iOS And Android Users Released In Beta

Microsoft Edge Browser For iOS And Android Users Released In Beta

The owners of iPhone devices can use Microsoft’s new browser as Microsoft released the Edge web browser to beta testers. If you prefer using Edge over other web browsers on your desktop, the news of the Edge web browser for iOS and Android users being announced is likely thrilling for you.

Edge Web Browser For iOS And Android
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Until now, Edge was available on smartphones that host Windows operating systems. However, knowing that those users are not many, Microsoft decided to spread its new web browser on other systems, such as the new iOS and Android version.

Microsoft will sport a few useful features and functions. However, the feature worth highlighting is the ability for the user to “Continue on PC.” This feature enables users to transfer a web page to their Windows 10 supported desktop to continue reading or signing up. This feature comes in handy when a vital website you are reading is not mobile friendly or when there is a need for endless typing that is easier on a mechanical keyboard than a smartphone keyboard.

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Another perk of the Edge web browser for iOS and Android users is that they can effortlessly switch to the Google search engine instead of Bing that not many users are fond of. You only need to make a choice in the settings. Unfortunately, tabs not syncing is a letdown, while favorites and reading lists will sync without problems.

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft says that Microsoft will put a lot of work in to enable this feature on the desktop version of Microsoft Edge. However, after beta testing is complete and the necessary changes are made, the full version of the Edge Web Browser for iOS and Android users should be available by the end of the year.

The Edge browser is released as part of Apple’s TestFlight program today. However, the iPad users will have to wait for this device’s version for a little longer. Android users can soon get Edge’s beta version on Google’s own testing platform that will come as part of the Play Store soon.

In order for a beta version of Edge web browser for iOS and Android to work, users will have to run the latest version of Windows 10. Furthermore, you need to use Microsoft Edge on your operating system as well. If your computer meets these demands, you can sign up for the beta version of Edge here. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the full version will be available for everyone.

Will you sign up for the beta version of Edge Web Browser for iOS and Android ? Let us know in the comments!

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