Microsoft Corporation Said To Mull BlackBerry Ltd Buyout

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BlackBerry has been in the midst of its latest attempt at a recovery, and still much remains up in the air. CEO John Chen has certainly begun working his magic, but it may not be enough to save the beleaguered handset maker.

BlackBerry stock little moved by rumor

Because of all the speculations, numerous names have been floated as possible acquirers, and Microsoft is the latest suggestion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, shares of BlackBerry were little moved by the latest rumor. After all, we’ve heard this tune before, except with different names being floated as the potential suitor.

As of this writing, shares of BlackBerry were down 0.95% to $10.38 per share at the NASDAQ, while Microsoft shares were down 0.93% to $46.46 per share.

Microsoft may be evaluating BlackBerry acquisition

According to DigiTimes, Microsoft has hired some investment firms to look into the possibility of buying BlackBerry. The software giant is reportedly interested in the Canadian smartphone maker’s mobile business solutions and Internet of Vehicles patent portfolio. Microsoft is also said to be interested in BlackBerry’s mobile platform and communications patents.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft would be interested in these parts of BlackBerry, as they are considered by most to be the only parts that are really worth much. Also Microsoft often buys companies for their patent portfolio, and its focus on productivity and enterprise customers would make BlackBerry’s enterprise solutions a perfect fit for Microsoft.

DigiTimes’ sources added that Microsoft has a particular advantage in taking over BlackBerry because of the Canadian company’s shift toward software rather than hardware. Once again, BlackBerry’s focus on software would mesh well with Microsoft’s software vision.

Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei may invest

The website also repeated previous rumors that some Chinese handset manufacturers may also be looking to invest in BlackBerry. Among the names floated by DigiTimes are Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei. The companies’ goal in making an investment into BlackBerry would of course be aimed at improving their presence in the enterprise sector in the U.S. and Europe. They would also be aiming to expand their patent portfolios and “platform products,” reports the website.

However, Microsoft also has another advantage when it comes to acquiring BlackBerry. If the rumors of a BlackBerry acquisition are true, then U.S. regulators are much more likely to approve a Microsoft buyout rather than one by a Chinese company based on concerns about national security. Some government leaders still use BlackBerry devices.

Apple has also recently been named as a possible suitor for BlackBerry.

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