Microsoft Blocks ‘Gears of War’ Leakers From Xbox Live

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Gears of War is an unreleased title for the Xbox One, but that hasn’t stopped some folks from offering an early preview of the game. In April, the multi-player mode was leaked, and earlier this week, the video of the game remaster was shared. VMC, the company behind third-party testing, emailed the testers and reminded them that they violated the non-disclosure agreement. As a result, some of the testers were permanently removed from the Xbox Live community.

Microsoft’s decision to ban leakers

The email stated that Microsoft closed the offenders’ Xbox Live accounts and that it was a permanent ban. The company also blocked user privileges, making the game console completely unusable for the offending users.

The letter further clarified the importance of the non-disclosure agreement, which protects the program, clients and the community. All it takes is one shared screenshot or message that can instantly spiral out of control, eventually penalizing everyone involved. There was a mention of a few cases in which affected users with no intent of wrongdoing ended up in court over the issue.

The Gears of War game franchise

The Gears of War game franchise features core concepts which are similar to those of other popular game titles Resident Evil 4, Bionic Commando and Kill Switch. The game’s plot revolves around the character Marcus Fenix. In the first game, Fenix is a soldier and part of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. His task is to save humanity while destroying a horde of locusts. The game sequels follow a similar plot with Fenix as the hero. The Gears of War franchise includes some of the most popular game titles for the Xbox.

The remastered Xbox Live version was initially released for the Xbox 360 nearly a decade ago. The upcoming version is set to debut at the E3 event next month. The new title is sure to bring a whole new experience for gamers.

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