Metaverse ETFs Exceeding Sub-Theme Classification – Commentary

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The Financial Times reported today that according to Morningstar data, 35 sub-theme Metaverse ETFs have been launched since June 2021, exceeding the number of any other sub-theme ETF classification and proving that the Metaverse is becoming one of the hottest concepts in the history of Exchange Traded Funds.

ETC Group was the first ETF provider to launch a Metaverse ETF into Europe, and as such, Bradley Duke, Founder and co-CEO at the ETC Group has some positive opinions on Metaverse ETFs.

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Bradley Duke, Founder & co-CEO at ETC Group, commented,

“It is no surprise that the Metaverse has quickly become the hottest trend in exchange-traded funds. The concept has gone from being thought of as an obscure, theoretical idea to being widely accepted by global investors as the evolution of virtual reality and the next iteration of the internet, and the data from Morningstar announcing a total of 35 Metaverse sub-theme ETFs being launched since June 2021 shows just how popular the asset class has become.

ETC Group was the first investment firm to launch a Metaverse ETF in Europe. We jumped on the trend early, as we identified that the Metaverse has the potential to attract a market size of approximately $12 trillion globally.

We wanted to give our clients pure-play exposure to the Metaverse industry, comprised of companies active in VR/AR, 3D Graphics, Semiconductors, High-speed Wireless Communications, Online Gaming, Video streaming, Blockchain Technologies and Cloud Data Storage the list goes on. It’s becoming hard for investors to ignore this growing trend.”