Masters In Business: Market Wizard Jack Schwager

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Its our 100th podcast! More on this milestone soon. 

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In this week’s “Masters in Business” podcast, I talk with Jack Schwager, co-founder and Chief Research Officer for FundSeeder.

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He is best known as the author of “Market Wizards: Interviews With Top Traders (there are 4 in the series). They remain among the most widely read books on Wall Street trading desks.

Schwager and I chat about how he managed to convince numerous top traders and asset managers to have long, on-the-record conversations with him. He notes his “secret sauce” was the editing process — turning what could be discursive, rambling digressions into coherent narratives. He said he did such a good job figuring out what the traders were trying to communicate that when he gave each a version of their chapter to approve the final edit, no one saw anything that they disagreed with.

We also discussed the consistent themes in Schwager’s interviews: Discipline, risk management and capital preservation, intellectual flexibility, personal responsibility and honest self-appraisal.

Masters In Business: Market Wizard Jack Schwager

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Next week, we sit down with Danny Kahneman, behavioral & cognitive psychologist, winner of the Nobel prize for economics.

Market Wizards: Interviews With Top Traders by Jack Schwager

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