Logitech Reveals Gaming Speakers With Sync Lights

Logitech Reveals Gaming Speakers With Sync Lights
Image Source: Logitech (screenshot)

Logitech has announced gaming speakers today, primarily designed for the gaming PCs. What’s special about Logitech’s new speakers – G560 – is that they come with light effects, something that the gaming speakers were missing out on.

Logitech G560 (from Logitech’s G brand) includes two light-up speakers and a subwoofer. This is the first speaker from the company to come with LIGHTSYNC, enabling lights and sounds to offer a more immersive experience when it comes to gaming, movies, and music.

Several developers have added support for LIGHTSYNC, adding custom colors that would illuminate at different stages in the gameplay. Some of the titles that support LIGHTSYNC are Dota2, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V and more. Game developers have added several options to synch the colors with the game, such as if the gaming character is low on health, they can simply flash red lights.

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“With LIGHTSYNC technology we are able to add real intelligence to what RGB lighting can do – synchronizing audio and RGB lighting to on-screen gameplay,” said Ujesh Desai, Logitech Gaming vice president and general manager, in a press release.

Alongside Logitech’s Gaming Software, the LIGHTSYNC technology will also match the colors of what is being displayed on the screen even when a movie is running. Developers have mainly offered support for PCs, but the speaker would work on other displays as well. For instance, using the screen sampling tool in Logitech’s Gaming Software for Mac, the lights can be integrated into four different zones on the display. Thus, while playing games or watching a movie, the G560 lights will turn on with colors synced with the colors in the media being used, notes MacRumors.

Talking of the gaming speakers other specs, it can deliver 240 watts of maximum power along with 120 watts RMS. Previously, Logitech came up with high-end and feasible speakers for the PC, but this is the first one that is focused on gaming. Further, the gaming speakers, which cost $200, come with DTS:X Ultra technology to simulate surround sound.

Logitech G560 can be seen as an advanced version of MX Sound speakers, launched by Logitech last fall. Both of the speakers look similar in the form factor, but the G560 comes with a downward facing subwoofer. Further, the new speakers can be connected with a maximum of four devices at once using USB, the 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth, notes Engadget.

While the G560 is not the first set of speakers with the lighting feature, it is definitely something that can completely alter the ambiance of the room. According to Engadget, it does have a hint of Philips’ Ambilight technology and its soon to be launched Hue color matching feature.

Logitech G is also adding LIGHTSYNC technology to its new G513 mechanical keyboard. According to the company, the keyboard responds 25% faster compared to the competitors. The keyboard comes with an aluminum top and a USB passthrough port for connecting other devices. The G560 speakers and the G513 keyboard will both be available in April.

Logitech has been receiving accolades for its winning designs and novice concepts. Recently, the company won a record-breaking 16 iF DESIGN AWARDS for 2018. For eight years in a row, the German design organization iF has been recognizing Logitech’s effort in product designing. The previous best for the company was 9 iF awards in 2017.

“Design is at the center of everything we do to bring remarkable experiences to our customers,” Alastair Curtis, Logitech’s chief design officer, said in a press release. “We’re honored to be consistently recognized by organizations such as iF for product design and innovation.”

Separately, earlier this week, Amazon slashed the price of the New Harmony Smart control bundle to $59.99. The bundle includes a universal remote as well. If bought directly from Logitech, the smart home hub would cost somewhere around $100.  The smartphone is one of the key requirements for the operating hub that would in turn control home theater gear, operate other smart home devices, and more.

The Harmony Home Hub was launched before things like Amazon Alexa and Google Home came into being. So, it could be seen as outdated, but at this price point, the device is pretty capable of controlling the core features of the home. The universal RF-based remote is capable of controlling up to eight devices, whereas the hub can respond to the commands via IR or Bluetooth. Harmony can also be integrated with Alexa, notes CNET.

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