List Of The 10 Best iPhone Apps For Video Editing

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With how advanced smartphones have become, we essentially have a high-end video camera in our pockets at all times. It’s therefore pretty easy to capture some top quality shots, but a shaky 30 minute long iPhone video isn’t very much fun for your family or friends to watch. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing to help you take your clips to the next level.


Starting off the list of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing is one of the stock applications that comes with every iOS device: iMovie. While it’s not as fully-featured as the Mac desktop version, it’s actually impressively similar and makes it easy to splice together footage with just a few taps.

However, there are also some additional features that truly make it one of the best video mobile video editing apps. In addition to this splicing capability, you can add titles, music, voiceovers, photos and more – and new Apple hardware gives iMovie the ability to deal with 4K footage as well.

Sometimes you don’t have to look much further than what you already have when it comes to the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing.

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While iMovie takes the more traditional approach, Clips is designed for fast-paced video editing on the fly and is primarily targeted towards social media users. Eschewing traditional features like timelines and titles, Clips instead focuses around recording different clips into the application, rearranging them easily, adding in effects, and uploading them directly to their destination.

The iPhone is capable of some impressive video quality, but for quick and easy edits of a simple video, Clips might be your best bet out of these 10 best iPhone appsfor video editing.

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On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Cilps is LumaFusion. If you’re looking for professional-quality shots with all of the bells and whistles for editing attached, LumaFusion may be right up your alley.

The application is geared towards mobile journalists and filmmakers, and includes multi-track editing with realtime previews as well as excellent animations, effects, transitions, and titles.

It’s one of the most expensive on this list of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing, but it’s well worth the price for the bevy of features it offers iPhone videographers.

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VideoGrade is pretty unique on this list of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing in that the majority of its features are focused on color correction and adjustment. Take mundane clips and transform them radically with careful use of effects, or remove an ugly hue from an otherwise perfect video.

If you’re looking to get the color balance of your video just right, VideoGrade is well-deserving of your attention when hunting for an editing application.

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Quik is an app that some might know as Replay, and it was originally designed for Instagrammers to make sure their social media videos were up to snuff. However, the use of Quik extends beyond mere social network selfies – making it a worthwhile addition to this list of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing.

It’s the perfect application for those with video clips stored on their device, and allows for creating professional quality clips at an incredibly quick pace. Choose a clip, choose a theme, and you’ll receive an instant output of an edited video.

You can, of course, make adjustments to aspects like style, pace, font, titles, filters, and trims, but Quik is unique in that you can generally let it do the brunt of the work.

If you’re looking for more of a hands-off experience and don’t want to fiddle with a bunch of different settings, Quik may be right up your alley.

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LumaFusion, as mentioned above, is one of the most robust video editing apps on the App Store – but it’s also relatively expensive.

If you’re looking for a fully-featured but more basic version of the 10 best iPhone appps for video editing, you might want to look into a program like LumaFX.

LumaFX focuses primarily on fixing single clips rather than throwing together a long video, and is perfect for adjusting that hilarious but low-quality clip you grabbed of your friend.

With just a few taps you can reorient your footage, adjust the speed and aspect ratio, and choose from a number of different effects. It’s not as robust as LumaFusion, but for a more stripped-back experience at a more accessible price, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

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Splice has a hunge number of features, and what is most impressive about the app is that it’s absolutely free. There are not even ads which makes one wonder what the catch is, but we’re not complaining about this excellent app being made available to iPhone users completely free of charge.

With the ability to add text, transitions, and filters, and adjust speed and audio, it’s a pretty robust suite of features for the low, low cost of free.

The trimming within clips can be a little finicky and it’s not as high-end as some apps like LumaFusion, but it has definitely earned a spot on the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing due to the combination fo features and value.

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Vue was a rather niche app when it first released, focusing primarily on short six second videos that could be heavily adjusted through all manner of different features.

Since its release, however, it has been updated to be far more flexible – with the ability to import existing video and adjust recordings up to 180 seconds.

It’s not a viable option for long video editing, but it’s one of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing for those who are looking for sharp editing of very short videos with all the bells and whistles attached.

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Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a stripped down version of the excellent desktop suite, and it’s quite simple in nature. It provides a very straightforward method of arranging lips and exporting the result, and does so quite well. You’ll be missing some of the features that you’ll enjoy in other free apps like Splice, but for those who are heavily invested in the company’s Creative Cloud it may be worth a look.

It’s one of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing, but it is admittedly outclassed by some other applications on this list unless you’re a heavy Adobe user. If you do a lot of work with Adobe products, however, it could be just what you’re looking for.

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Rounding out the list of the 10 best iPhone apps for video editing is Magistro. Just like Quik, it’s an application that focuses on doing the work for you. Just chose images and photos, choose a theme and some music, and sit back and relax as the application makes a short for you.

The main downside with Magistro is that your movies are limited to a minute long unless you pay a premium subscription, but for those one-off clips every once in a while it’s definitely one of the best options out there. While a lot of editing apps offer a lot of control over every individual feature, sometimes it’s nice to let the app do the work for you – and that’s where Magistro shines.

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