Fans Already Started Making Lines For iPhone 8 / iPhone X Outside Apple Stores

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The iPhone 8 and iPhone X have not been officially revealed to the world but that hasn’t stopped some Apple fans from staking out their spot in line to be one of the first to own the new devices. You read that right: lines for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have started. Twitter user, Luke Hopewell, captured the image for everyone to see:

Can we just analyze this photo for a minute? First, the guy at the front of the line clearly came prepared. He brought a chair, a laptop, and a Monster Energy. I hope he has a cooler of energy drinks nearby. He will need them if he’s waiting for the iPhone release. The second guy in line is noticeably less prepared. He has no chair. I can only assume he’s on the phone with a friend or loved one ordering a chair delivery while this photo is being taken. The lady in pink clearly has no idea what’s going on. Silly her. She should stay updated on the latest tech news so she knows when to line up outside the Apple Store.

The starting of lines for iPhone 8 / iPhone X is downright crazy for a few reasons. First, we are 99% sure that Tim Cook will reveal a new line of iPhones at Apple’s big event. However, there is a chance that we’re wrong and, instead, Tim Cook reveals 100 new variations of the poop emoji. That’s not a likely scenario but anything is possible. My point is that people are lining up for a phone that we don’t even know for sure exists yet.

Second reason that these lines for iPhone 8 / iPhone X are crazy: we don’t know for sure what these devices can do! Yes, thanks to a summer full of leaks including this past weekend’s iOS 11 GM leak and Apple’s HomePod firmware leak earlier in the summer, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. There has been so much talk about face scanning, dual cameras, augmented reality, and bezel-less displays that I would be willing to put down $5 or $10 on a bet that all of that information is true. However, despite my confidence in persistent rumors and major leaks, I won’t be standing outside an Apple store for any extended period of time.

I’m not done… Third reason that this is completely, totally, 100% crazy: the iPhone won’t be available until (probably) September 22nd! That’s nearly 2 weeks of waiting in line for a phone. Pre-orders don’t even start until Friday, according to leaks. Maybe these people work remotely while sitting in line and don’t have any immediate family to be concerned for their whereabouts. If I told my wife I was going to sit in line for 2 weeks to wait for an unannounced iPhone she would probably divorce me and I wouldn’t blame her. How do I tell my boss I need two weeks off to sit outside an Apple Store? Maybe I could do a live blog on ValueWalk and keep you readers updated with the latest happenings outside the Apple Store like street cleaning schedules, garbage pickup days, and live weather updates.

Fourth reason that this is nuts… We don’t know the price! I’m sure these guys will let papa Mastercard take care of the purchase and figure it out later but that’s not the best financial plan. The iPhone 8 will likely have a similar price to previous iPhone releases which means we can expect a price tag of about $749. The iPhone X, however, is a whole new beast with a sexy OLED display, front-facing infrared camera, and all-new design. The price of the iPhone X is rumored to start at $900. Not exactly pocket change. I’m sure the people in line are committed to spending whatever they need to in order to get the device but I’m the type of person that likes to know the cost of things before I stand outside a store for 2 weeks.

Of course, there is the possibility that they aren’t waiting in line for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. They could be waiting for the new Apple TV 4K which is expected to be revealed at the same event! Or, maybe they want to get their hands on the Apple Watch Series 3! In any case, I hope they like what they see during Apple’s big launch event. Surely, if they are already in line and waiting, they are pretty confident Tim Cook has some awesome reveals hidden up his sleeve. And you know what? Who am I to judge a couple guys who want to wait in line for two weeks to get an iPhone? Maybe they are waiting in line for a rich guy and he’s going to pay them $1000 each for their time. There’s worse ways to make money.

Will you be waiting in line for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X? What’s the best time to stake out your spot in line in order to get the device first?

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