LG G7 Rumor: New Phone Will Include Iris Scanner

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Thus far, Samsung has led the pack when it comes to unlocking phones using an iris scan. Providing a more convenient, and arguably more secure, method to unlock your phone has earned the phones a reputation as pretty secure devices. While fingerprint scanners are usually enough for most situations, having the option for an iris scan just adds that extra layer of confidence that your phone is unlikely to be compromised. A new LG G7 rumor suggests that the upcoming phone will include iris scan technology.

LG G7 Rumor

Up to this point, LG hasn’t taken advantage of iris scanner technology. Both of the recently released LG G6 and LG V30 only used fingerprint scanners. A recently discovered patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, however, suggests that they could be catching up with their competitors in 2018 with the launch of the LG G7

The patent is for biometric authentication technology through an iris scanner, as is to be expected, but there are also a few unique quirks to LG’s take on this security feature. The sensor will adjust its reading based on the light in the room, which leads to more accuracy by adding the ability to account for variations in pupil size. You’ll be able to use the scanner to unlock your phone whether you’re outside in the sun, or winding down for bed at night.

LG G7 Rumor Iris Scanner

Additionally, the LG G7 iris scanner may occasionally ask you to follow a series of dots with your eyes. This ensures that the technology can’t be fooled by a photograph, making it much harder for someone to break into your phone and access private information.

These advances in technology would make sense if LG were to add iris scanners to their phones, as it’s important for them to innovate and reach beyond Samsung’s current tech if they want to compete with such a major player in the luxury smartphone scene. The current thought is that LG may add the scanner into the forward-facing camera to avoid adding too many additional costs.

If LG can cut back on costs and manage to offer the phone at a price point that’s lower than its competition, they may capture a portion of the market that isn’t willing to drop upwards of $1000 on a luxury phone. Combining excellent performance with an accessible price tag may be the key to grabbing the attention of an increasingly discerning customer base.

LG G7 Rumor Iris Scanner

LG G7 Features And Release

There has been an LG G7 rumor about iris scanners in one form or another all the way back to the LG G5, but it’s seeming as if it’s looking pretty likely this time around due to the existence of a patent. However, with other manufacturers rapidly improving their biometric systems, it’s likely that LG’s cutting-edge technology won’t be cutting-edge for long. The company has dragged their feet on including this new security feature, and it’s possible that it’s a little too late to impress customers with a feature that has been present on other devices for years.

Overall, while still a major presence when it comes to high-end technology, LG doesn’t have the name recognition or market share that companies like Apple and Samsung enjoy worldwide. It’s simply not enough to be finally adding features that their competitors already have. The new take on the iris scanner is a good start, but we’ll need to see something seriously impressive from the LG G7 if it’s to successfully compete with the powerhouse that is the Galaxy line.

With the LG G7 still a decent ways off, it’s still relatively early as far as the LG G7 rumors go. However, this iris scanner is not the first glimpse we’ve seen at what we can expect from the upcoming phone. Rumors suggest that the phone will make the switch to OLED panels, and will include the recently revealed Snapdragon 845 processor for some seriously impressive performance.

As far as a release date goes, there’s no solid information. However, there are suggestions that the phone could get previewed at CES 2018 in January. It’s pretty much a sure thing that the phone will release sometime next year. Whether the LG G7 will actually include an iris scanner, or if that technology is being reserved for future devices, remains to be seen.

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