The KFC Chizza Is Too Hot For Social Media To Handle

The KFC Chizza Is Too Hot For Social Media To Handle

It seems everyone likes a little chicken with their pizza, so much so that the KFC Chizza is taking social media by storm. It seems most are raving about the new food product, and those who can’t buy one yet in their area are pretty upset that they can’t.

KFC Chizza is a pizza on a fried chicken crust

Kentucky Fried Chicken is marketing the product as “all chicken, no crust” and made from “100% mozzarella cheese, sauce made from California tomatoes [and] 100% chicken fillet.” The KFC Chizza also comes with a topping of cheese sauce, pineapple, ham and chicken, just like a pizza. Then again, maybe it’s just a parmo, repackaged with a fancy, fun name.

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The parmo is essentially a takeout version of the chicken parmesan, and it was invented in the U.K. town of Middlesbrough. It is a bit different from chicken parmigiana, which is a common Italian-American dish.

Customers demanding the KFC Chizza in their area

The KFC Chizza isn’t yet available in all markets, and some customers like those in Australia and the U.K. are tweeting angrily about it. They want to know when it will be coming to their area. Apparently, even those who aren’t that crazy about Kentucky Fried Chicken in general are craving the Chizza, and someone has even set up an online petition to convince the fast food chain to bring it across the pond. It is available in some international markets, however, as the company tweeted yesterday that it’s available in Singapore, Korea and probably other international markets.

Needless to say, with such tremendous social media response, we can expect the KFC Chizza to become available in Australia, the U.K., and other markets were social media users are demanding it. The only thing we don’t know is when, and the only thing the company has said about it is that the Chizza isn’t available in the U.K. but “hopefully it’ll find its way here soon!” A spokesperson tweeted that comment.

It seems safe to say that it would be foolish for the company not to roll the product out to other markets as quickly as possible.

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