Jet Black AirPods Come To Life In Stunning Concept Renderings

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After what seemed like a very long wait, Apple‘s AirPods have now been available to purchase for a couple of weeks. However, they’re only available in Classic White. So why have no Jet Black AirPods been released? And for that matter, what about Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver?

Designers imagine Jet Black AirPods

Surely it makes sense that if you own an Apple product which is not Classic White, you may want a matching accessory. Since the dawn of the EarPods, they have been Glossy White. However, they were usually found bundled with another Apple product such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, whereas the AirPods are a standalone product costing $159, so why no Jet Black AirPods?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question; maybe you should visit the Apple support forums. But what we can do is share with you the renderings of a well-known designer who has a habit of guessing what Apple’s next products may look like and a producer’s stunning concept renderings to match.

jet black AirPods design

Concept designs

If you’ve been holding off purchasing Apple’s wireless AirPods hoping that it will release new color choices, don’t hold your breath. Instead, take a look at the images above and below. They are the work of Martin Hajek. In the images we’re sharing, you can clearly see he agrees that Jet Black AirPods should be a reality too.

jet black airpods open

Why no color variations?

As far as we know, there are no rumors suggesting Apple will produce color variants of the AirPods, although just before the holiday period, there was talk that the company would be producing a Jet White version of the iPhone 7, which would be the closest (if not an exact) match to the Classic White wireless devices.

It is possible that the Cupertino-based outfit is waiting to see how well the standard devices sell before it decides to release Jet Black AirPods or other colors. If that is the case, it’s probably way too early for any noise within Apple to be picked up on and leaked.

However, on a negative note: It’s also likely that Apple sees its Classic White as something of a brand icon because when the iPod was released, there was a five-year ad campaign which featured Classic White EarPods, and it was these which instantly made their users stand out to others as users of Apple tech. So maybe Apple hasn’t yet figured out a way to make it iconic enough to create Jet Black AirPods, but in our opinion, it should probably forget the cool factor for now and give consumers what they want.

Images are courtesy: Martin Hajek

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